EPISODE 21 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 21 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. KELEMEZ 3 MONTHS LATERWe turned Kalymnos into Kelemez and made it our land but in order to make all Mediterranean our sea home……our struggle has just started.Our first target is Levitha Island.Our flag was planted on the Levitha Island years ago……azan was recited and captured as the land of Islam.Levitha Island is the most crucial part of the 12 islands, which we call Mentese Islands.Levitha Island is the most crucial part of the 12 islands, which we call Mentese Islands.12 Islands is the outpost of Anatolia.12 Islands is the outpost of Anatolia.They are the key of our dominance in Mediterranean.We will plant the flag, which was planted years ago……again in order to make Mediterranean our homeland.Venetians claim that the island belongs to them.

But capturing Levitha Island, which is actually the land of Islam……and controlling 12 Islands are our sacred duty.It is the debt we need to pay to our martyrs.It is our first target for the dominance of Mediterranean.They have arrived, Aga Reis.They come down on us with the fleet.They want to show that they will not give up on Levitha Island.What are we doing?We will square the accounts one last time for Levitha Island.Let the ships take battle formation, Ilyas.Make sure levents be on full alert.They will either leave Levitha Island to us today……or we will turn Mediterranean into hell for them.ANDULUSAzan was heard in Andulus for centuries.Quran was recited.We give non-muslims freedom in their worships.But you destroyed our mosques.You banned our prayers!Is this your response?We don’t care what you did.It’s been years since the effect of Islam vanished in Andulus.

It’s been years since the effect of Islam vanished in Andulus.There is our dominance in all Andulus now.There are our rules in these lands.And you’ve broken our rules now.You will be destroyed without mercy!You will be destroyed without mercy!Take the children from their families!None of them will be raised as Muslims!Let my friend, Pablo know.I will sell these children in Jewish Bazaar for a hefty price.I will become rich thanks to them.You will deliver all your books you have!There will be no Quran in Andulus!Even if we.die, we never deliver Quran to the oppressors!Die, then.Take them with the books they have in hand and……burn!

You can kill us but you can take our book!Stop!I wish that Allah sends a hero……and he stops your cruelty!Wish, then.Where is he now?Ottoman is everywhere!Save the kids first!Come on!Attack!Go to the back street! Quickly!Who will save you now?Who will save you now?We will!We will!Our swords will always be upon your cruelty!They will remember it when they look at you!Thank Allah, Who didn’t leave the oppressed people at the mercy of evil men!My own son became a martyr, but many people were saved.You must be an important elder among the Muslims here.What’s your name old man?I am called Kocbaba.We asked for help from the world of Islam, but no one came.

When we were about to lose our hope, you came.The letter for help you sent reacher Sultan Bayezid.Our state couldn’t act directly due to political reasons.But they couldn’t ignore your cry for help.That’s why they sent us secretly here to save you.May Allah bless Ottoman.May Allah keep it away from harm.If His merciful hand did not reach for us……all these people would die.Our spies went to prepare the ship.Let’s leave here quickly.But where will you bring all these people?We will bring you to Levitha island.It’s a land of Muslims, it will prosper with you.We have not much time-, we need to leave quickly.Come on Kocbaba.Levitha Island has been a land that couldn’t be shared between Venice and Ottoman for centuries.It’s time to put an end to this.

Or the 20 years old peace agreement between us will be damaged.A big war in<_Mediterranean sea will begin.Levitha Island is the most important one of the 12 Islands.It’s one of the key points in Mediterranean sea for Venice.You.can’t think that we would give such an important place to you easily.Mentese Islands, which you call 12 Islands are also important for us.That’s the forward station for Anatolia.If we leave Levitha Island to you……Anatolia would be in danger.We cannot allow such a thing.We can’t leave that island to you.

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