MAVERA EPISODE 14 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode 14 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I hope you get out soon.I hope you get out soon, Hace!My Hace.Mansur!Don’t worry brothers. Don’t worry.I hope you get out sooMay Allah help you.Then* Allah!hope you get oufFsepn, Hace.Welcom .H h«p^ \wu get out soon, Hace.You are w lcome here.I’m rolling. Let’s see.It’s your luck.You really won.Here, take them.ive me one of themCome on.eciHave you seen Necip and Sahsuvar?I don’t know.And have you seen Akboru? I haven’t seen him.Yes, he’s there!He’ s drinking again.May Allah show him the right path.Pehhvan Master!Pehlivan Master!What is up, brother?What is this rush?

They arrested Hace.Mahmut.Sahsuvar.Where are youHace got angry with us a lot.And Pehlivan Master will give us a beating most probably.Mahmut!I am talking to you! You keep saying you have a trouble!And you make follow you!Then, you shouldn’t have come! Did I insist? Then, you shouldn’t have come* For you were this afraid, you shouldn’t have come!Go back to your district?Sure! It is stupidity, Mahmut brother.

The intelligence is not sold! So, I can’t find any!Yes, true, true.Sahsuvar, I also know your young age.If it was sold, you wouldn’t buy it anyway.Sir, Ahmet from Turkistan has been arrested as you ordered.After exposed to the people by being taken through bazaar……he’s been taken to the palace to be thrown to the dungeon.Good.Now, the idiots, who were following him, will see everything.They’ll see who is the owner of Baghdad.Sir.There can be an unrest among the people.There have been some rumorsPeople are being confused by being asked that why……Vizier Hadrath put a man to chains, whom he gave the khilat just yesterday.We are in such an age that…’s so hard to understand who is traitor or net.I assigned Feht as your commander.

He was my right hand.But he betrayed both Caliph Hadrath..OUJ put’If the man whom we gave the khilat yesterday……started to rebel by cooperating with the gangster, is this our fault?So, you can whisper such things to the ears of the people.If the unrest continues……find the one who started it and end command, sir.You should have warned the prisoners, too. Hace can disarrange there, too.We let them know, sir.

All of them know who is coming.Especially, we let Killer Husref know.Hace will be treated as he deserve.Peace be with you.Peace be with you.Peace be upon you.Long-suffering brothers.May Allah give you peace within a short time, InshAllah.Thank you, Hace.Go and sit somewhere. Don’t make any sound.I can’t bear it.Turn your back to the bars, Mansur Can.Tank Master.What is up?What’s the problem?I still can’t understand it, friends.Why did they arrest a man like Hace among the people?How could they take him away by tying his hands.

All these happened because of me.If I hadn’t told Hace about Hisam, he wouldn’t have been exposed to the wrath of Atif.Hisam? What is happening?Who arrested Hace? Who is Hisam Mahmut, Mahmut. We need to return Sazlik. I have things to say.Drop Sazlik for now!They arrested Hace!Is it the time to talk?The things I am going to say are about saving Hace. Come on!Come on!ou know. HisamPehlivan Master, did they really put him in there?Unfortunately that’s truth, little Necip.Will he stay there always?Won’t h e get out of there at all?Of course not, he will come out eventually.Don’t get sad, okay?He needs to get out.They were going to beat me, Pehlivan Master.

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