EPISODE 81 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode No 81 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 17 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

The Mongolian fighters believed that Osman had killed the Sultan and attempted to catch him. Osman concealed in a mystery room in the royal residence with his companions. Afterward, with the assistance of a Seljuk trooper, Osman figured out how to escape the royal residence and met Kosses in the woodland.

The Beys came to the gathering that Gunduz needed to choose the new Bey. No one decided in favor of Gunduz. Immediately, the Vizier started to talk and said that Gunduz would before long take over Harmankaya. The Beys picked Gunduz as the new Bey to bring in more cash. Bala and Malhun took Selcan to the cabin in Sogut.

Abdal said that Selcan’s injury was significant. Gunduz then, at that point, went to the dervish stop and visited Selcan. Osman killed the Mongols in the backwoods and rested that evening in a cavern. The vizier visited Geyhatu and discovered that Osman had gotten away from the royal residence.

The vizier then met with Gunduz and requested that he assault Harmankaya with a bunch of warriors. The vizier went to the palace of Nikola and started to let him know what Osman had done in the royal residence. The vizier remained in the palace that evening and occupied Nicholas the following day.

Gunduz made a move to catch Harmankaya. At the point when Nikola discovered that the Turks were going after, he blew up with the Vizir. In the interim, Geyhatu came to the palace. Geyhatu requested Nikola’s help and let him know that he would before long permit him to lay out his own domain. Vizier believed that Osman would visit Selcan. Osman held a gathering with the white-hairy men and conversed with them about Geyhatu.

After what Osman gained from Boran, he made an arrangement and subtly went to Sogut. Vizier believed that Osman was in the dervish stop and went there with his officers. Osman went to the hotel while Sheik was saying that what Vezir did was off-base. At the point when the vizier couldn’t find anybody, he got back to the motel. Osman expressed that there was never a way out for the Vizier any longer and killed him.

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