EPISODE 25 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 25 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Governor is very happy with Ertugrul and his soldiers that they all save their daughter and also open his eyes. Governor has started trade again with Hanli bazaar. He declared Ertugrul and Kayi tribe as their friend. Governor tells Ertugrul that he will come to Bazaar to tell people that they are with this trade. Ertugrul is preparing dinner for the Governor. They want the best dinner for their new friends because because of him this peace is established. Governor is a brave man, Noorgul is taking all measures to secure Han but the Vesalius has already set the trap. Governor is shot by an unknown Archer.

Ertugrul has seen the archer and order Noorgul to catch him. Noorgul is behind him and Ertugrul and Mr. Arif are taking care of Governor. As vicious don’t want to save the Governor. So he starts shouting to take Governor to the palace. He stops Mr. Arif to touch Governor but Helena talks and she stops Vesalius to do that. She said to him that did he not listen what his father said in his last moments. He has full trust on Ertugrul Bey so he entrusted her to Ertugrul Bey.

Vasilis is telling again and again about the result of this incident. On the other hand Kopek has ask for the hand of Aslihan. Aslihan don’t want to be the wife of Saedtinn Kopek. Candar and Ural pressurize her to say ‘Yes’ on this proposal but she is still on her decision. Aliyar is with Aslihan. He tells her sister that He will be happy as his sister desires. Candar asks Aslihan that when he wants to marry her with Ertugrul she was thinking about his tribe and sacrifice herself and now Saedtin Kopek is big big powerful man , she is refusing. He pressurise her to don’t ruin his father and brother’s honour. Colpan is also convincing her.

The Ural has the word from Batuhan that Governor was on a visit in the Han and killed. Saedtin listen this and become more angry with Ertugrul. Actually, he wants the purposes against Ertugrul. He wants to kill Ertugrul to point it this as a childish game from Ertugrul. Saedting tells Candar to go to the Vesilus for condolence and also warn Ertugrul as new Bey of Principality to stop these childish games. He also tells him to tell Ertugrul to don’t move with our informing Candar Bey. Some Brother has translate this Episode for me but there are lot of problems in it so I have to take much time in it. These problems has no concern with the Translation of Mr. Abdul Rahman. The problem is about the style of Subtitles written. Punctuations are missing, Some sentences are translated as it is from English to Urdu.

I want to say that I take a simple sentence as a sample for you. Where are you going.? Is the translation “Tum khan Jaa rhay ho? but Abdul Rehman has translated the long sentences like this ” Kahan ho tum jaarhay. I have my screen damaged so I can’t final preview the Episode which can be lot of mistakes. I am very thankful to Abdul Rahman to give me a quick translated Episode . I have some points to discuss because this transaction has kill my time because of some mistakes which is not Abdul Rahman mistakes. I want to say very thanks to Abdul rehman. Password for this Episode is EidMubaraktoAll. Watch and Enjoy!

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