EPISODE 23 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 23 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In this Episode, Ertugrul makes hostage himself to take time Governer to prove them innocent and someone is plotting against us. Vesuleis wants to killErtugreul on the Spot but Ertugrul with his smartness convince Governer to stop Vesalius and give time to Ertugrul. Ertugrul orders his soldiers to bring Helena to castle. Noorgul, Roshaan, Abdul Rehman and other soldiers are also now inside the room of Governer. Noorgul has gone from there and Petrus comes to Vesulius to ask what is happening. Babar brings Helena in the Han but nobody knows that she is the daughter of Governor. Mr. Arif and Ishaq treating her. Noorgul is coming back to Han to inform the situation.

Kopek is in Cavdar Tribe and he is telling Candarabout his principality is near. While they are talking a messenger comes with the news of Ertugrul that Ertugrul has pushed a knife to Governer’s Throat. Kopek is talking about the letter that this work is not done by Ertugrul but someone inside the castle. Batuhan comes with the news of Helena that she is in the Han and tells this to Candar and all of them including Kopek. Kopek tells the Ural to go to Vesuilius and ready him to kill Ertugrul for them. In all this talk Aliyar is talking positive. He is talking about the innocence of Ertugrul in all this matter. Saedtin Kopek is making a necklace for Aslihan. When she comes to tells him about the dinner He stops her to give her this necklace and wish to wear.

Noorgul reaches to Han and tells Mr.Arif all the situation. Babar becomes Emotional and he said to attack a castle. Mr.Arif shows the arrow of Kayi to Noorgul. He tells that this is all a plot against Ertugrul. Mr.Arif tells Abdulrahman to take a message to Mother Hayma and Halima Sultan about the situation and also bring the clothes of Kayi. Helena awakes and she tries to kill Babar from the back but she is wounded so she screams with pain and Babar comes to her and tells her the truth. As Mr. Arif plans to bring Helena in the Kayi dress so Halima comes to Helena and give her the dress. When Helena comes out from her room Babar becomes more emotional to see her in Kayi dress. Ertugrul is trying to make Governer speak the truth and he is almost successful.

Mr.Arif and all soldiers decide to bring back Helena to her father and got Ertugrul from the Hand of Governer. While Ertugrul is inside, Vesiulis and Petrus are planning about the security of castle when soldiers of Ertugrul brings Helena they have to attack them. Governer is feeling very weak after listening all the truth from Ertugrul. Ertugrul is waiting for his lions in the castle and hope for the best. This is all for now. Password for this Episode is LateEpiWindowsCrash. Thank you! Enjoy!

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