EPISODE 10 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 10 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Aslihan has to go with Halime as a guest for a night in Kayi tribe. Halime starts her work in the Workplace. She addresses to all women of Workplace and courage them for work. Amanda tells the duty about the kidnapping of Halime and Aslihan. Cholpan Khatun comes to the shop of Amanda and searching for a fragrance for her. Amanda is suggesting her some other scents. While they are talking the Ural comes there and asks Cholpna that why she is here? She tells him that she is here to buy some scent for her bey but she asks him that why he is here? The Ural tells her that he is doing the duty of a Bey in the market. later on, Aslihan comes and ask permission from the Ural to stay in Kayi Tribe.

Ural gives her the permission but Batuhan tells Ural that They have to raid on the Caravan and Aslihan will also in that caravan. The Ural shut up him that if Aslihan will in that Caravan nobody will suspect us. Arif is worried about the code letter which Babar brings from Noorgul. Arif tells Ertugrul that he has not watch this kind of code in his entire life. Ertugrul tells Mr.Arif that he has to be hurry because Noorgul must get this secretly so they have to return this back to its place as soon as possible.

Babar knows that Noorgul is not a traitor and he is very very happy with this news. He tells all this to Ertugrul and he tells all that he has said he knows better to his Soldiers. Now he is confirmed that Simon is John Baptist. Ertugrul assigned the duty to Arif that he has to solve this encrypted letter very quickly because Noorgul current situation is his main concern. Mr. Arif tries to solve it but failed.Later on, Ishak helps him and he solves this Letter code. Merchant Hasan is pretending to pray to Allah in the Tribe when he sees Ertugrul is coming. Ertugrul comes and says to him that Allah accepts his prayers. Hasan tells Ertugrul about Simon that he is a very dangerous man. He also tells him that he is following you so be careful He is very dangerous to his Enemies. Ertugrul tells him that he is the son of Suleman Shah and he buries those who are hostile to him.

Aslihan reaches to Kayi Tribe with Halime. Ertugrul was there to welcome them. He also tells Aslihan that there is a larger dinner tonight in the tent. She has in her fate to attend this dinner. The Ural is talking with her wife in the Evening. Cholpan tells him that Candar is a cruel man and he does love anyone when the Ural was crying that his father doesn’t love him. When Cholpan tells him about his father cruelty He tells her that No, his father is only cruel to him. He respects Aliyar and Aslihan more than him. Aslihan courage him that everything will be in their place when tomorrow raid will be done. The Ural tells her that he will finish all of them who are in his way. Even if his father didn’t realize he will put him aside.

Ertugrul has a large dinner today in his tent.He has some singer to sing some courageous songs. While listening song Mr.Arif comes and tells Ertugrul to abut the Spy Aby Naqash. Ertugrul planned to know that who is that spy. He is going with his soldiers but on the way, Merchant Hasan brings the news that their women have been attacked on the way to Workplace. Ertugrul just moves towards there. Babar goes to Roshan on Weeping Rock and tries to know the Spy. This is all for now in this Episode. Rest of this Episode will you watch on screen. Password for this Episode is GunduzErtugrul. Thank you and Enjoy!

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