EPISODE 15 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is the story of EPISODE 15 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.Know that. I have no fear of death. However. I did not poison you! I did not do this perfidious deed Enough! What is it, Artuk Bey? My Bey, wait. My Bey Bahadir Bey is not the one who poisoned Aslihan Hatun and Turgut Alp. What do you mean, Artuk Bey? When I stayed behind in priest’s cave, I have… found the poison that was fed to our Sultan, my Bey. Are you sure about that? I am sure my Bey. For the making of the poison that was fed to our Sultan… the herb called Wolfberry has been used. And many more other poisonous weeds, my Bey. I’m sure of that. I’m sure just as I’m sure of my name, my Bey. At the time of our Sultan s poisoning… Bahadir has not been here. My Bey, whoever has poisoned the Sultan… that same person poisoned Turgut Alp and Aslihan Hatun. Whoever this person was, he wanted to put the blame on Esma and Bahadir’s Alp… and to portray them… as the murderers.

There is only one person capable of doing this. Emir Sadeddin! Brother! Brother! My Turgut. Hold on. The one that poisoned you… is not Bahadir Bey. Bahadir Bey is free to leave. Release his Alps, as well. Ugh You have… disgraced me unjustly. Now, how are you… going to atone for this? Hah? You have payed for all the evilness and deceptions.. you have done so far. From now on. get your mind right, so that… you can keep your head on your shoulders. That is all I have to say We will talk about this issue later, Turgut. For the time being, you should be cautious around Bahadir. To take his revenge, he will come at you first. As you order, my Bey. What is the merchant Niko doing with so many soldiers, Atsiz? Apparently Ares wanted to get the military reinforcements from the Emperor. We have a strong Byzantine Unit before us. If we do not stop them… they will pose a problem to us in our raid on the Castle. Abdurrahman, you have to hurry. Inform Ertugrul Bey of the situation. What are you going to do? I will find a way to infiltrate them. I will see what I can learn from that merchant, called Niko. May Ajlah help you, my Bey.

They came from far away. They’re bringging along a lot of ammunitions on these wagons They can not travel at night. Before long, they will stop somewhere for the night. Abdurrahman, we have to complete this mission tomorrow. Go, be quick. Eyvallah (alright). In shaa Allah this ointment will heal the wounds caused by poison. Eyvallah (thank you). Artuk Bey. Thanks to Allah (swt)) that… this great malady has been expeled from your bodies. Praise be to Allah. Allah (swt) spared you, first to us and then to each other. My beautiful daughter. May you live ]ong, Hay me mother, May Allah never leave us without you. Who was the one who did this? How did they dare to infiltrate among us? Who was the one who poisoned us in our own tent? Turgut Alp. There is no evidence at hand, for the time being. But we will find it. Alpami§ was Bahadir Bey’s Alp. Since Alpami§ is involved in this issue… why did you release Bahadir Bey then, my Ertugrul Bey?

There are certain secrets… wich weights are greater than the mountains. If they were told before time, everyone will be swallowed by it. He didn’t want to leave evidence behind, so he killed Esma and Alpami§. Don’t trouble yourself over that. I will find both the one… who poisoned you and the one… who held their bridles… sooner or later. At that time everyone is going to learn who he is. What about the conquest of Karacahisar. my Bey? Nothing has changed regarding our goal, Turgut. We’ll return to our tribe and continue our preparations for conquest. You stay here and build up your power for the Beylick. Bring all the Beys together. Bahadir is so very angry. Be careful regarding him. If he is a fire, he cannot do much harm, my Bey. Don t worry yourself over us. Eyvallah (if you say so), Turgut. Eyvallah (if you say so). I will make their lives unbearable for… they dared to spill even the drop of your blood, my Bey. He disgraced me and my Alps… in my own tribe, in front of my own people. I will drown him and his Alps in their own blood.

I will make Ertugrul rue the day he was born. They brought a great Bahadir Bey and his hatun in such a miserable state! To allow them to take even one easy breath is forbidden, my Bey. If tomorrow they try to make that peasant Alp, our Bey, know that… I will no longer be able to put up with that. What are you talking about, hatun? Have I died, so that he can become the Bey? Rather than letting both, main tent and my tribe be in their possession… I prefer to burn it down by my own hands. Whoever comes against me, I’ll strangle them with my own claws and… throw their carcasses to the carrion craws The arrow has already left the bow, to start with. For so long, dark clouds have been looming over us. From now on. a whole lot of calamities will rain on them in streams! When my Sancar… returns with his Alps… we will seize Aslihan hatun s main tent. Who has ever escaped your hand, so that they can escape it now, my Bey? I will take lives of both of them, myself.

Let’s then see who can get the better of whom, Ertugrul Bey. Some stranger is coming Let him pass Who are you? What are you doing here? The fearless warriors of Jesus (Isa, a s May God bless you all! I am a trader from the Hanli Bazaar. My name is Alfonso. What do you want, trader? There are many bandits around here. I’m afraid to go to the Castle alone. Great Commander, I ask for your permission to stay with you overnight. Adin Alfonso oyle mi? Venedikli misin? Hayir! Hayir, bayim! Cenevizliyim. Ho§ geldin tucca Te$ekkiir ederim, bayim. Take care of the merchant Alfonso’s horse. So, you are trader at the Hanli Bazaar? What do you buy and sell at the Hanli Bazaar? My customers are mostly the Turks. Whatever they need I sell it to them. So most of your customers are Turks? In that case you know them very well? I know those barbarians like the back of my hand. I will benefit from your knowledge too, then. Commander, the merchant will be our guest till we get the Castle.

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