EPISODE 08 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 08 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Will you go to Sogut? We will. I have to learn what’s going on in Sogut, before we get involved. First, we need to get them to talk, and then we II do away with them. Our Alps are furious, llbilge Hatun. I have hard time to pacify them. They cannot accept what has been done to us. They are waiting for your orders. I will speak to our Alps. Everybody have to calm down. Ertugrul Bey will conduct an investigation. No one is to make things difficult for them. Are we going to leave everything in Ertugrul Bey’s hands? Will the man whose son is th murderer here, conduct an investigation? We are compelled to rely on him. And we will also pursue the matter. But, llbilge Hatun A tag Bey! Do what I said. This is my order. May you live long, may you live long Would that be enough9 Qagri What is the situation in the Han, did you learn it?

Umur Bey has been killed in the Han. Are you aware of what you just said, Qagri? What does that mean? Who would do that? And, he has been killed with your dagger. They are searching for you everywhere. Damn it. He will get Gunduz. Those who have kidnaped me yesterday and took me to that cave stole my dagger… with the aim of putting the blame for the crime on me. I was forced to he to Bamsi Head-Alp. Go turn yourself in to your father before this matter goes any further. He knows that you are innocent. That’s impossible, Qagri, I can’t do that. Don’t you understand? The Seljuks State will get involved in this, too. They will want my head If I surrender myself to my father, he will. lock me in the dungeon until this matter is clarified. But I can’t sit idly with my hands tied, Qagri. Valiant Alp, what happened in the Han? Who did that7 We will solve everything. Excuse me, now. Both traders and folks are worried. What are you going to do, brother? I am going to find out who killed the father of llbilge Hatun, Qagri. This is the only way to clear both, my father’s and my name.

I have to stay hidden until the light has been shed on this incident. But I need to get changed, first. Qagri, give me a hand here. I’m in hurry right now. Get out of my way. Ertugrul Bey has ensured the peace around here, for years now. Now, we are all afraid. What should we do, where are we to go, if our peace is disturbed? We have ensured the peace of this place, to this day. And, we will continue to do so, from this day forth Now, if you will excuse me! Gunduz, Dumrul Alp is coming right here. They have found us. May Allah perish them! Damn it What s going on, Dumrul Alp? You frightened the life out of me Whom do you have here. Qagri? It’s only me And, there are these leathers here, too. Well, I’m overwhelmed with work And, what are you up to? Dumrul Alp What are you looking for? Tell me, I’ll show you. I’m looking for Gunduz, Qagri. What would Gunduz be doing here?

Besides, I already explained to Bamsi Head-Alp. I haven’t heard from Gunduz If I have, I would notify my Bey right away. Move away, Qagri, just move out of my way. Osman? How did you… I secretly followed brother Qagri. Then I waited behind the shop, and when you left it, I went after you UBUISQ I did not kill either Umuroglu’s Alps or Umur Bey I have to stay free and abroad until I clear this slander. Don’t you dare tell anyone that you have seen me. I went after you in order to save you, not to spy on you, brother Come with me, let’s go to my father together. He also knows that you are innocent. It’s impossible. If I go to my father, he will lock me in dungeon till this matter is clarified. But I can’t sit idly, with my hands tied Since they have set a snare for me, then… I’m obliged to solve it myself. In that case, I m going with you. I can’t let you go by yourself, since everyone is after you. Don’t be silly, Osman. I’m not sure yet where and how I will hide. I can’t endanger your life too.

Do you remember what you say to me once, brother? You said. We are three brothers, we are three parts of one soul. When something happens to one of us, the other two burn too. If we are to resist tyranny, we have to keep together. If we’re predestined to die, let us die together. Have you forgotten? And now I cannot leave you on your own. I’ve got a horse ready for you. Let’s go together. Brother, Alps are coming. How are you doing, Alps? You must be aware that… Bamsi Head-Alp is assembling all Alps. You should go to him, right away. You’ve gone and done it again, haven’t you, Osman Come on, let’s move Be ready, Mergen. Noker Noker Go there and see why this man is calling. Speak up, what is it? What do you what to say, man? Follow me! Find the key, Mergen There is the key. To whom will you take the key? To Ertugrul Bey, who will make your life miserable in these lands. So, you are Ertugrul’s men? You will see whose lives will be miserable in these lands. Ah’ Ah None of you will die before the revenge is taken, you scum. You stepped on the path towards Al-Haqq, and… [the Absolute truth, Allah] you were instrumental in death of that baseborn Noyan, too. You are a brave man. EyvAllah (I am glad I did). I’ve spent so many years of my life in vain… alongside these evil-doers, Turgut. And now, praise be to Allah (swt)… I’ve been guided to the people who would show me the Truth. EyvAllah (we ll be honored) And now let’s hurry to the tribe and deliver the key. We need to let them know about the issue with Teokles.

Dirilis5 EPISODE 08

What happened? Gunduz Gunduz has left Sogut. Moreover, he left accompanied by his brother Osman. I followed them, they went southward While we targeted Gunduz’s life, it seems that… Osman’s life is now at stake too. Have one of our men go to Ertugrul. He is to tell him that he saw Gunduz and Osman. along the Caravan route, heading for the north. This is directly opposite to the direction that Gunduz and Osman took. Kara Bela is to ambush Ertugrul and his Alps along the route they will take. Whileon the quest to find his two sons… Ertugrul will be lured into a death trap. And, what about Gunduz and Osman? I’m going to see llbilge. I’ll tell her that Gunduz was seen in the shop. Do you understand’7 You must show up in that shop, too. When llbilge comes, tell her that Gunduz just left the shop… and point her in the true direction he went. And llbilge’s rage and her sword will take care of the rest. As you order, Sir May the feast of death and blood begin. We spent the whole night ascertaining the taxes… that merchants must pay, my Bey. Then at sunrise, I went to my house to get some sleep. Have you noticed some suspicious activities during that time? I didn’t, my Bey.

Whoever they are. they must be persons close to us. Has there been any incident lately that aroused your suspicions, Mikis? On their way back from Constantinople, we welcomed. both of them as our guests. Don’t worry, they are safe with our men. You have a choice, either to go and see your family. or you may go inform your Ertugrul Bey about all what happened here. But if you do that… you can neither save them nor yourself from a certain death. I asked you something, Mikis. Has there been any incident lately that aroused your suspicions? No, my Bey, there hasn’t been any. Whoever is behind this, he is someone from our immediate vicinity. I want a detailed report on everyone who frequented Sogut and Han and… who did trade here in last year, with every single name listed. Record all of these. And hand your report over to Bamsi. We will expand our investigation. As you order, my Bey. My Bey, this man said that he saw Gunduz. Where and when did you see him, tell us? I saw him along the caravan route leading to Sogut, Ertugrul Bey. They were heading towards the North. Osman was at his side, too Osman, too? So Osman has joined Gunduz, too. They passed by me very fast. When I got here I heard that you’re looking for them I decided to notify you. EyvAllah (you did well). isiueg Tell our Alps to get ready. Ready the horses, we’re going out. Go on, hurry up, come on As you order, my Bey. As you order.

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