EPISODE 07 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is Episode number 07 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. This is veru interseting Episode in which at the start Noorgul has a fight with in the tent of Aslihan and at the end the result of Election. In the start Noorgul is in the main ten tof Cavdar Tribe in which Bahdaur Bey and Emir Saad ul Din are enjoying th feast and also light threatning to Aslihan with their harsh words. Noorgul asks permission of Aslihan to spare some time for him as he wants to talk with her. Aslihan just wants to go with Noorgul meanwhile bahadur harshly orders to Aslihan to sit here. He tells her to not go with this Head-Alp and leave the presense and consultation of Blessed Emir.

When Aslihan tells him that i have done all the consultation and i have nothing more to say anything, Bahadur bey goes towards Aslihan then Noorgul stops him with his hand. Bahadur bey dont like this and he hit the dagger on the shoulder of Noorgul. Noorgul just turn it on his neck. When dagger is on the neck of Bahadur, Emir Saas ul Din stops Noorgul and he tells to behave everyone. When Noorgul set the dagger of Bahadur on his own neck, sonof Bahadur Bey also entered into the tent. Later on he tries to hit the dagger to Noorgul from his back back but Noorgul speedly stops him and hit the dagger in his soldier. Emir Saad- ul- Din just orders to bahadur bey to get his son and go into his tent. This is tremendous scene and worth to watch. The commander of Ares is in search of Simko with his men. They find some traces and continue their search. They split from there. Zuljaan is still preparing for They Elections. He is telling the Beys that Council meeting for Beylink will be held tomorrow but regardless of the outcome of meeting he will go hanli Bazar and seal his deal woth Bahadur Bey. Afterwards they go back to the tribes of Guldaaro and Sarim.

Halima is listening all this from the outside of his Tent. When Halima listen this she has tears in her eyes and starts crying. Gunduz is there in the tent woth Halima. He comes to his mother and ask him about the tears in her eyes. Halime tells him that she is missing his father. Gunduz tells him that you dont worry i will become a Bey soon you will be at ease. Halima tells that you will be they bey of all beys inshaa’Allah and will continue with your father’s cause. You will become a nightmare for the Enemy and the hope for vulnerable.

Simko is travelling on his horse and in the way his horse shoe has a problem and stops there. He wants to continue his horse and tells him that we are almost there and again sit on the horse and continue. Maria is there in the cave where Ares kills the brother of her. Ares asks Maria that is this your brother? When Maria sees her brother is dead, she starts crying. Maria is asking Ares that who has done this to my brother. Ares falselessly tells Maria that the killer of your brother are dead. i killed all of them axecpt Simko. After that Maria tells Ares that i dont want your firgiveness , Just kill me. She dont desrve to live as she cannot protect her brother and also not worthy of Ares. Ares tells her that your brother has paid the price of your Betrayel. As for Maira she will be his woman until her beauty fades. Erugrul is saved by his friend Arsiz who is from the Konya.

They are in persuit of Simko on their horses. On the way they find the horse shoe so Ertugrul finds out that his horse can not go very far. They continue their search and ride on their horses. Aslihan is crying to see Noorgul is stabbed in her tent. She tells him that you have not stabbed in the battlefield and stabbed in my tent. Battlefield is a battleground for courageous men, Noorgul replies to Aslihan. Aslihan also crying about that they shed the blood in the tent of her brother’s Tent. Noorgul tells Aslihan that they will be taken to account for that blood someday if they were not, the pillar of this blessed tent will collapse upon our heads. They bey who is they dog of Emir Saad ul Din not bring any goodness. Aslihan tells Noorgul that she is not strong enough to deal with bahadur Bey. Noorgul courage her to be strong and she has to be strong otherwise this dagger can be stabbed in her back in future.

Bahadur Bey is angry with the action of Noorgul in the main tent. He is talking about the Aslihan that she is doing her power on me with the courage of Ertugrul. He is talking that if Emir Saad ul Din was not there he would have shown her. Karaca also talking about Norrgul that it is obvious that he will not stop till his axe cut his own head. Son of Bahadur asks mandate to rabid head as an example to others. Bahadur stops his son to not be angr because this is not the right time yet. Despite Bahadur stops his son but he stop Noorgul at outside the Tent and Noorgul punch him with a full power so he started cry and his father comes to save his lamb. The password for this Episode is AtsizErtugrul. Watch and Enjoy!

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