EPISODE 01 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number one of Kurulus Season One with Urdu Subtitles. We have completed the Dirilis Ertugrul which was the history of Ertugrul Ghazi who was the father of Great Osman Ghazi the founder or Ottaman Empire. This is now started the Osman Ghazi series. We are proudly started the Urdu Translation of this new series. This season is also started from where the Dirilis Ertugrul was started. Osman Ghazi is hammering the sword with Bamsi Bey to forge a sword for Bamsi Bey’s son Aybers.

Osman Ghazi and the son of Bamsi Bey are now grew up and both are friends. Osman is forging a sword to gift Aybers for his wedding. Ertugrul Bey is in Konya and not shown in the series yet. He has some important duty in Konya. He has to talk with Sultan in Konya about some important matter. Osman is very excited to taking the flag of Kayi forward. He says he never let my father’s flag down on the ground.

Dundar Bey whos is the younger brother of Ertugrul Bey is also there with her wife. He is talking about his father Suleyman Shah that he put a heavy burdon on his shoulders and also have the same boil in his back like Suleyman Shah. Her wife courage him with words that you are the great Dundar Bey. They are talking about the peace agreement with Rome. We are now collecting the seeds which were planted 25 years ago.

Bamsi Bey is remembring Ertugrul Ghazi and also seeing Ertugrul Ghazi in Osman. He is saying that Osman Ghazi has the current of his father Ertugrul. Dundar Bey intends to make a deal with Byzantium and earn more wealth for his tribe, but the things do not happen as he wanted. Byzantine governor Yorgopolos is murdered by a plan made by his wife and commander Kalanoz. Sofia, the governor`s wife, blames Osman Bey for this happening. Osman By runs away proving his guiltlessness. Meanwhile, Bamsi`s son Aybars is martyrized. This incident deeply affects Bamsi.

Our most memorable scene shows Osman making another sword for Aybars who is Bamsi’s child. Bamsi was his dad’s dearest companion and Aybars resembles a sibling to Osman. Before long Aybars will be hitched and the blade will be a wedding gift for him. Osman promises to Bamsi that his dads banner and the new blade will be taken all around the world to make another country for his kin.

Dundar Bey (who is Ertugrul’s sibling) drives the clan right now. The clan experiences lived together as one for a long time.

Aybars passes on the town with Osman to convey floor coverings, furs and weapons to Tekfur who is the decision Lord of the land and lives in Kuluchaiser Castle. The gifts are to solidify another understanding as recently organized by Ertugrul and are to be endorsed by Dundar Bey. Aybars leaves his delightful Burcin who is his fiancee to anticipate until his return for their wedding.

Osman is against giving gifts and consenting to Arrangements and would very much want to go after the Castle than give the Lord gifts of hand tailored swords simply the maintain order.

Osman, Dundar Bey, Gunduz and the Kais arrive at Kuluchaiser Castle and are welcomed by Tekfur, his significant other Sofia and the defender of the Castle, Commander Kalonos. Osman feels awkward and sees dubious furnished men on the defenses.

It isn’t some time before an endeavor is made on their lives however the professional killers escape.

Aliser Bey who is Lord of the adjoining place that is known for Itinge is against another Agreement being endorsed by the Kais. He is upset that the professional killer endeavor to stop the Agreement being marked had fizzled.

The Kais and Lord Tekfur assemble in the Royal chambers. Dundar Bey requests Tekfur find the ones liable for attempting to kill him. Tekfur lets him know that as reward he will consent to any Arrangement that the Kais present to him. This is clearly not what Commander Kalonos needs. His endeavor to prevent Tekfur is seen by Osman.

Osman is allowed to go over the boundary looking for gatherings of striking outlaws . Leader Kalonos has not had the option to get the outlaws. He isn’t the only one not cheerful, Dundar Bey feels envy when Tekfur gives the mission of getting the scoundrels to Osman. He views this activity as disregarding his authority and flying right past him.

Sofia, the spouse of Tekfur, is very shrewd and evil. She cuts the throats of the two professional killers that neglected to kill Osman and Dundar Bey. Once more she sends her professional killers to complete the task and kill Osman.

In the mean time Osman and Aybars leave the palace on their ponies not knowing about the risk. Osman lets Aybars know that one day there will be a conflict on the land they are living on and another State will emerge from his fantasies.

A little further on the two Kais are trapped by a gathering of outlaws with the goal just on killing Osman. The crooks are vigorously equipped and out number the two men essentially. Aybars is fundamentally injured in the battle with Osman being left for dead and lying in a pool of sloppy water.

His glorious pony attempts to act the hero.

Osman is found by two ladies who assist him with recovering cognizance. One lady specifically cleans the mud from his face and places him in a position where he can arrive at his pony as he recovers cognizance. Osman can see her delightful face as she tends him and afterward as in a dream she is no more.

Osman recaptures strength and goes looking for Aybars. He finds his sibling scarcely alive and conveys him to his pony and advances home.

Drums start beating at the entryways of the Kayi town alarming all inside that men are drawing closer. At the point when they see that it is Osman and he is conveying Aybars who is seriously harmed, they start to lament. Aybar kicks the bucket in the arms of his dad and with his final gasp looks for his approval. Burcin is crushed and faults Osman for her darlings passing. Osman requests that Bamsi excuse him for not safeguarding his child.

Bamsi loves Osman and tells him not to cry a tear. There will be the ideal opportunity for vengeance. Bamsi lifts his dead child in his arms and conveys him to his tent. He tends to the clan and lets them know that his child is presently honored by the Prophet Mohammad and today is a blessed day since he has become a dad of a saint.

The two ladies who halted to assist Osman with showing up at Kuluchaiser Castle. They seem to be on a mission. They enter the Chapel and meet a Monk who is hanging tight for them. They’ve come to the palace with a mysterious secret word and they are searching for blessed relics.

In the mean time back inside the Kayi clan Dundar Bey tears into Osman and faults him for killing Aybars. Osman won’t acknowledge the judgment or disgrace put on him by Dundar Bey. He stands up to Dundar Bey and lets him know that he will vindicate his siblings murder gladly as his dad before him would. Dundar Bey’s allegations infuriates Osman to the point that he could kill his Uncle. Feeling his insubordination Dundar Bey compromises him with death assuming that he resists him.

Officer Kalonos and Sofia love one another and stay quiet about their undertaking from Tekfur. Sofia is somewhat of a Sorceress and digs into haziness. She is likewise answerable for ambushing Osman and Aybars.

The delightful young lady that helped Osman in the sloppy water sits in favor of her bed in Kuluchaiser Castle longing for the solid attractive champion she saved and continues to picture his face. She ponders what his identity is and why she can’t quit thinking about him.

Aybars is let go with much grieving and straight after the memorial service Bamsi Bey gives Osman his children blade which Osman made for him as a wedding present. He advises him to involve this blade as a weapon of retribution. Osman is quite glad to take it. He guarantees Bamsi to get his payback. Bamsi then, at that point, gives Osman and his Alps his approval for their valiance and sends them out the door to search for the killers.

Osman is starting to feel strength and power which is attracting him to a far more noteworthy calling. He cautiously makes arrangements for his vengeance. His most memorable errand is to enter Kuluchaiser Castle stealthily and talk with Tekfur. To get close enough to the Castle won’t be simple. He needs to go in namelessly so Osman and his Alps get a pony and truck and conceal in enormous barrels.

In the interim Sofia rides profound into the mountains where a Sorcerer looks at groups of creatures and people and does tests. The Sorcerer is tended to by Sofia as Master Yannis and clearly she is one of his understudies and she has gained her exchange from him. All Master Yannis needs to hear from Sofia is just insight about Ertugrul’s child, Osman.

She lets him know that Osman is more astute than his dad and has previously started to give them inconvenience. The Sorcerer arranges the demise of Tekfur that night and he will have the spirit of Kalonos. He additionally tells her that Osman will be killed very much like Aybars.

Sofia gets back to the Castle and adjusts her planetary vault alongside the moon and the stars. She gets ready for a function or some likeness thereof and readies the room.

Osman has been fruitful in entering the Castle he dresses like a watchman and advances toward talk with Tekfur in his royal chamber. He makes Tekfur mindful that the very scoundrels that attempted to kill him when they came to consent to the arrangement had additionally been shipped off kill him bringing about the demise of Aybars. Osman accepts the treachery probably come from inside the Castle dividers. He cautions him not to believe anybody and he should begin by thinking his own significant other and Commander Kalonos.

Tekfur finds this news upsetting however when he sees his significant other in the arms of Commander Kalonos he starts to trust reality as would be natural for Osman. Kalonos chokes Tekfur to death while his significant other looks on. They take his body and toss it through of a window. The body lands at the feet of Osman strolling underneath in the road.

Osman can see the window from where the body fell. He climbs the means to defy the killer. He goes into the room which has a place with Sofia and upsets two ladies who are looking through the room searching for buried compartments in the dividers and furniture.

He quickly perceives the substance of the young lady who saved his life.

He lets the young lady know that he thought she was a holy messenger when she saved his life however presently he feels she is a killer. The young ladies attempt with little accomplishment to ward Osman off however his solidarity is far more noteworthy than theirs and he catches his saintly foe and spots a blade at her throat.

He asks her, “Presently let me know who is behind this saintly face?”

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