Dirilis Ertugrul | Season 2

Seasons 5  |  Imdb: 9.1/10

The second season (2015-2016) of the Turkish TV series, Diriliş: Ertuğrul, made by Mehmet Bozdağ succeeds the principal season and goes before the third season of Diriliş: Ertuğrul. The second period of the historical drama television series debuted on 30 September 2015[1] and closed on 8 June 2016.[2]

Season 2 was based around the recent developments occurring in the year at the time.[3] Metin Günay, the chief, said,
“All struggles in Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Asia and the Middle East as of the thirteenth century, are like the present contentions. In that capacity, the crowd will track down the present political global struggles in the thirteenth century, while watching in the news and in day to day existence. As of the period, there is a Mongol attack that imploded like a foreboding shadow over Anatolia.”[3] Watch Trailer