Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 24 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 24 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5.The series begins in the twentieth year of the Lord’s standard. They are orchestrating a significant endeavor, the Hejaz Rail course. Notwithstanding, the kid in-law of Lord Mahmud Pasha and the English and Theodore Herzl are endeavoring to go after this endeavor. In the gathering of courtesans, on the other hand, the strong conflict between Bidar Lord and Sneha Ruler loosens up to her friends and family.

The young ladies of Lord Murad’s kin similarly went to the palace. His most established young lady, Hatice Ruler, falls head over heels for Kemal al-Racket Pasha and plans to marry him, while on the other hand, Naim Ruler, the Ruler’s daughter, is moreover fascinated with Kemal al-Uproar Pasha and endeavors to sway him, at last turning out to be sick.

Hatice Ruler professes to treasure Naim that Kamaluddin loves Naim by giving Naim a letter created by Kamaluddin to Hatice. Mahmud Pasha, Suneha Ruler’s better half, loaded interminably scrutinize on Mehmet Pasha, Bidar Lord’s kin, ultimately ousted him. Abd al-Qadir, the offspring of the Ruler, is ceaselessly constrained by Mahmud Pasha and his kid Sabah al-Racket, and as he endeavors to demolish their game, he goes into a more significant confusion and close to the completion of the time that has begun, he is stuck in a duplicating room with his mother Asma, a misleading laborer, in response to popular demand of Sabah al-Commotion. The Domain of Greece pursues the Ottoman grounds and the season closes with the Ottoman Space articulating fight on Greece.

The fifth season begins with Farid Pasha, who became Fabulous Vizier. Ruler Abdul Hamid’s most seasoned kin, Murad V, died, leaving a recipient in the Bricklayers, which he left tenaciously as a piece of music. It didn’t take long for the man to unwind the turn of events. Ahmed, Ismail and Selim Pasha were mentioned to follow this man on a train to Thessaloniki, yet he was killed, raising uncertainty about the thr

 Since there was a get-together of Freemasons in Thessaloniki around then, at that point, one of them could have been Freemasons Pasha. Every one of the three pashas were tended to. Ismail and Ahmed Pasha mark each other deceivers, and an individual named Minyas faces both with conflicting information about the other’s alleged unfairness. Minyas is furthermore the one related with the authentic Masonic Pasha and related with Energetic Turks. Ensuing to losing assurance and being downsized from his situation, Ahmed Pasha quickly sells out Ruler Abdul Hamid and conforms to Minyas and opposition pioneer Ahmed Rida.

Ruler thought numerous people. The Masonic Superb Lodge was laid out after its progenitor in Thessaloniki and contained Karasu, Sabah al-Fuss, Fernandez, Selim Pasha, and others. Ruler Ahmed Nuri’s kid makes an appearance to help with beating the Freemasons and the opposition. While Selim Pasha was found as Maysun Pasha, Mahmoud Pasha subverted him to follow up for his advantage.

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