Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 21 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 21 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5.Payitaht: Abdülhamid (lit. “The Capital: Abdul Hamid”), named The Last Head in English, is a Turkish evident Network program series highlighting Bülent Inal and Özlem Conker depicting valid events during the standard of the 34th Ottoman Ruler, Abdul Hamid II.Payitaht Abdulhamid carves out a time to the fight for the presence of the Ottoman Space. The story depicts the presence of Ruler Abdulhamid Han who rose the grand situation in 1876 and remained on the post for a long while.

It in like manner follows the events that happened in the Ottoman State and all around the planet during the hour of the “Almighty Sultan”.The series follows critical events that perceptible the latest 13 years of the standard of Ruler Abdülhamid. It integrates a contention that achieved the victory of the Ottoman Domain, the Greek Struggle. It moreover shows the sales for lands from Palestine and first Zionist Congress. Another huge endeavor that the Lord succeeded is created by Hejaz railroad. The essential subject of the series is endlessly fight till the end.

The series starts during the 20th year of the ruler’s standard. They are organizing a significant endeavor, the Hejaz Rail line. In any case, the Ruler’s brother in law, Mahmut Paşa, the Brits, and Theodore Herzl are endeavoring to upset this endeavor. In the gathering of mistresses, on the other hand, a strong rivalry between Bidar Lord and Seniha Ruler connects with their friends and family. Similarly, the ruler’s kin Murad’s daughters come to the imperial home.

His most established young lady, Hatice Ruler, falls head over heels for Kemalettin Paşa and plans to marry him while on the other hand Naime Ruler, the Lord’s daughter, also is captivated by Kemalettin and endeavors to sway him, in the end becoming ill. Hatice Ruler with her friendship for Naime envisions that Kemalettin loves Naime by giving a Naime a letter which Kemalettin had stayed in contact with Hatice. Mahmut Paşa, Seniha Ruler’s significant other, stacks reprimand upon criticize on Mehmet Paşa, Bidar Lord’s kin, in the end getting him ousted.

Abdülkadir, the ruler’s kid, is dependably constrained by Mahmut Paşa and his kid Sabahattin, and remembering that endeavoring to obliterate their game winds up stirred up with a more significant wreck, slowing down in a consuming room with his mother close to the completion of the time which was started by Esma, a cheat specialist young woman, at Sabahattin’s association. In like manner in the last episode of the time is the Ottoman Space broadcasting fight on Greece.The new century begins. Lord Abdülhamid changed the fortune of the Ottoman, who had not been effective over the latest two centuries, and won the Greek Struggle. The contention that completed at the front happen at the table as of now.

Parvus, the vizier of the Overall Government, cases to be a modeler and gets into the palace. The lord is setting up the state for an unprecedented clash with his improvement moves and dispatches the oil move that starts fights for the new hundred years after the railroad move. While Parvus is fighting to end Payitaht with experts spread all over Istanbul under the power of Marco, his right-hand man, Ruler Abdülhamid’s outstanding and productive nephew, Murad, fights with his gathering to the burden of their lives.

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