Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 20 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 20 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5.This is Episode number 20 of Payitaht King Abdul Hameed. You charlatan! You’ll try and have no grave. Our sovereign wouldn’t believe you should do this Ömer. “Find the mystery of Ali the battling lion..” “..and go to him.” “Assuming I kill you now ..I will do it for my own longing.” “Not so much for god’s will.” Folks! Assuming you get your payback will be slaughter Ömer. At the point when the opportunity arrives ..I will kill you for the good of god ..not really for my own longing. Remain back! Remain back! In the event that you believe your companion should live follow me. Move! I can cut him. Great job. I like you. Try not to attempt to follow me. I can kill them all. YILDIZ Royal residence You’re exceptionally quick Mr.Zaharoff. In the event that I didn’t realize they were going to your boat ..I could think you took the weapons. My sovereign. Taking the most astute sovereign of the world on me.. ..who offers me espresso ..would my greatest mix-up in my life. So? Weapons?

To dispose of this issue totally To keep it from holding us up once more ..I will take care of the issue forever my sovereign. Right now A boss from the police headquarters.. ..probably been welcomed out. Everything looks great about the weapons now. Double-crossers have been rebuffed my sovereign. A gift for you. You rebuffed them as per what? I attempted to make them talk. Yet, they weren’t that sort of men. Equity! Mr.Zaharoff. On the off chance that discipline is required equity ought to choose it. They were ruthless executioners my sovereign. I was brought up in Muğla. I know the strict regulations. The discipline of those men.. ..who killed your men and took the weapons.. retaliation.

I executed the standards. Pardon me. You know the strict regulations. Yet.. Not totally. In the event that discipline is required ..the proprietor of the backlash should endorse it. My sovereign. My boat.. Get alleviated. Mr.Zaharoff. In any case, take care of your weapons. You can’t have such a near disaster sometime later. Allow me to let you know something Sabahattin. We are not the ones who can live here. You’re correct dad. We are not. Put the papers down. I have news for you. My Seniha! My King. As per me are dependably the titles of the news all times. I don’t know any other person my Seniha. Quit gabbing Mahmud. I have news for you. Sadly my niece Hatice abandoned marriage.

No chance! The little girl of our previous king Murad… ..Hatice abandoned marriage. For what reason does it concern us? Sabahattin. My child. All my work and stress are for you. Assuming Hatice got hitched ..your marriage would likewise get postponed. I don’t have the foggiest idea. We could make it neglected. Try not to annoy such a lot of mother. I know a method for killing this freaky thing. What is it child? Abdulkadir. Our sovereign who no one commitments a future. He slammed his clench hand against the table! I like that kid. Father. Mahmud. Okay. He’s breaking the commitment. Abdulkadir? Better believe it. With Pakize? It’s not all that simple. Incredible personalities think the same mother. Save me from the terrible marriage that you tossed me in. Or on the other hand.. I know what to do. Remember this. Come on Mahmud Pasha? What happens next? Seniha. This work is enormous. The greasy young lady issue is difficult. You shouldn’t have made.. ..the move of union with Sabahattin.

 I didn’t make it for my pleasure. This present circumstance is all a direct result of you. Try not to make me talk! My Seniha. At the point when you popped your eyes I tracked down a good thought. Stand by listening to me please. Tune in. Presently.. Woman Bidar Ruler.. pushing you about Sabahattin’s marriage right? Pushing isn’t sufficient. She’s going after me toward each path. It’s okay. You will open.. ..another battleground about Abdulkadir and Pakize. What a disgrace. A sovereign shouldn’t break commitment. He shouldn’t play with a young woman’s sentiments. What a disgrace. You’re extremely correct Mahmud. What a disgrace. Rather than screwing up with us Woman Bidar ought to deal with her child. Isn’t that so? All around good. My Seniha. Pause. The greasy is coming. Comegirl. Comegirl. Much thanks to you. Much thanks to you my sound young lady! Sit young lady. Sabahattin is out. You can drink his espresso. I ought to go as well. Where Mahmud? To work Seniha. Official work. See you. Plunk down young lady. Try not to be timid. YILDIZ Royal residence My sovereign. Osman of Söğüt troop is here. He has news about Ömer. Give him access.

If it’s not too much trouble. My kid. Talk. Ömer got Hiram my sovereign. The rapscallion.. ..was giving out food to Armenian understudies in the recreation area. When Ömer saw as an opportunity ..he put his firearm at Hiram’s head. Then? He didn’t pull the trigger my sovereign. Mean Hiram accepted the kids as prisoners. Ömer proved unable. Didn’t pull the trigger. Actually take a look at that understudy thing completely pasha. Indeed my sovereign. Ömer didn’t pull the trigger. He clearly scholarly the mystery of his sacredness Ali. He’s bursting into flames now. He wants to sophisticate. Tell him.. dig under the obvious pine in the Yahya Efendi Nursery. ..also, bring here what he will track down there. Indeed my sovereign. We additionally lost the weapons. Where might we at any point track down new weapons? I don’t have any idea. Be that as it may, I can lose the certainty of Armenians. You lost the certainty of Jews. Also, this one at this point. Try not to inquire. I can’t get back to Vienna. Assuming they gain I lost the cash raised from Jews against Abdulhamid ..that will be my end.

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