Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 16 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 16 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5.This is Episode number 16 of Payitaht King Abdul Hameed. Indeed my sovereign. In the traditions A lot of garments stalled out. A French merchant brought them. At the point when he contradicted the purchaser ..the garments got left there. We can do that exceptionally modest. Great. Don’t bother arranging. How about we purchase now. Right. We really want to promptly purchase. Yet, I need.. get our sovereign Abdulkadir associated with this.. ..furthermore, bring in some cash. In any case, he is your uncle’s child. Try not to play with your ruler my lord. What is the genuine natur of this work? Sabahattin. You are really my child. Okay. The real essence is.. There are weapons under the garments. In any case.. In any case?

 You want an accomplice like the sovereign.. take the weapons through the traditions. Right. I think.. We will take the weapons through the traditions.. utilizing the prestig e of ruler Abdulkadir. Furthermore, Abdulkadir will make a few advantages. At the point when we get the weapons.. ..we will give them to the opportunity darling rebels. They will make disorder in the capital. We will paint the king red. Great. My way goes to the castle once more. Have a protected excursion ruler. Indeed my ruler. Acclaim be. He is really a sovereign. Come in. You guaranteed me my ruler. To assist me with tracking down my sibling. Obviously I will. However.. I can’t get you out by the entryway. How might I get out? By the passages. After the episode of cutting the worker ..I had a mysterious entry underlying the passages. Come in. What is it Saffet?

My sovereign. Our sovereign is sitting tight for you in his presence. You can get out Saffet. My ruler. Our sovereign was extremely irate. What did you to draw his outrage on you? Saffet. Pardon me my sovereign. Sit tight for me here. I will come at the earliest opportunity. Poor Melike. In that disgusting castle she’s getting destroyed ..under the red king’s startling savage stink eyes. I got stunned with my sentiments and thoughts Sara. Melike is a hostage in the royal residence.

I can’t make the association. You’ve become so simpleton Samir. Abdulhamid had your dad killed. It’s a supernatural occurrence that.. ..he has let you and your sister live up to this point. I can make the association about this. It’s unavoidable for myself and Melike to.. ..bring about the fury of the ruler who killed our dad. Be that as it may.. You became hostage in the castle simultaneously. That is amazing. Red King is a savage. He is a merciless despot who even.. ..has the birds followed from East toward the West. You’re correct.

That you’re an English resident is enough for him to capture you. Ink pen or words don’t chip away at that parasite despots. My expectation is continuously evaporating Sara. Red Ruler killed your dad. What’s more, he will likewise take your honor. My honor? In the event that you simply compose on the tables in spite of that large number of passings can’t safeguard your honor by the same token. What else could I at any point do? You will utilize your clench hands if fundamental. The person who has no distinction in his heart.. ..can’t have honor in a way that would sound natural to him. Sara. What’s up? Sit here.

Sit back and relax. I will. Your nose is dying. A revolting wild and irate wolf.. moving towards you and Melike. Two drops of blood in my nose aren’t significant. Come in. My granddad King Mehmed the Hero.. At the point when he was a kid When his name was just Mehmed He made trouble one day. At the point when his dad Ruler Murad saw him ..he said that he wouldn’t take care of business. At the point when Akşemseddin heard that he opened his hands.. “What father gets out whatever destiny says” ..he said. Destiny was correct. Akşemseddin was correct. Destiny prospered my granddad’s ways with blossoms. The youngster grew up.. ..furthermore, turned into the victor.

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