Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 15 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 15 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5.this is Episode number 15 of Payitaht Ruler Abdul Hameed. <i YILDIZ PALACE</I Do you want to get payback from Abdulhamid? Abdulhamid had your dad killed. Step on it. Is it agreeable? It is. You will become acclimated to it kid. When did you see me and made this my sovereign? Our sovereign saw you strolling.. the Kuruçeşme garden with your mom. Then, at that point, we asked about you. Thank god. My child is strolling. We’re appreciative to you. We’re Christian however your kin. We realized Ottoman administered with equity for quite a long time. However, presently in the papers we read.. Pardon me. What is written in the papers? They call you executioner. In any case, you made a leg for my child with your hands. You are an individual who attempts to help a challenged person kid for his tranquility.. ..what’s more, has an incredible heart past the nation borders. Disgrace on ones who call you executioner. I accept they defamed on you. I will tell this to everybody my sovereign. I’ve never hurt anybody during my sultanate. For what reason do they put the fault of homicide on you? Why criticizing?

 My kid. Oppressors know.. ..they stand against somebody who will battle for destitute individuals. They stand against Ottoman who will protect itself for needy individuals.. everything they might do. An immense country. That man wouldn’t kill my dad. That man wouldn’t kill a mistreated man. Apple of my eyes. Delight of my heart. My holy messenger confronted mother. I swear on the stanza.. “Regardless of whether we let you pass on and take you from among them.. ..we will.. ..get back at them.” The retribution is legal for me. Miss Sara. Wake up and satisfy us. If it’s not too much trouble, Miss Sara. Relax. I’m fine. Thank god. You were presented to Abldulhamid for two days. That fiasco can have results obviously. The tempest can’t puncture my tendency. On the off chance that you remained with Abdulhamid for more would get destroyed by any means.

I’m just wanted to get that out there. You’re correct general. I met the Red Ruler. I tought I was going to pieces. On the off chance that he had blown me somewhat I could have passed on. Makes no difference either way. How about we quit talking futile. We should discuss.. I saved Miss Sara.. ..with extraordinary exertion and putting my life in extreme danger. In any case.. ..In the event that you endeavor to give me a basic much obliged ..I will feel extraordinary distress. I can anticipate why.. put forth attempts to save me. Getting annoyed Miss Sara. Besides from profound inclination towards you …what advantage could I at any point have? Hiram likewise knows this. Definitely. Obviously. General Mahmud and I are brimming with adoration. We wouldn’t fret benefits. We recently thought.. ..on the off chance that we could draw Mr.Parvus’ consideration by saving you. There’s nothing more to it. Great job for you both. Be certain that you will receive something consequently. Much thanks to you. Parvus will see the value in this a lot. Great. <i YILDIZ PALACE</I Everybody out! You as well. Stand by me in the lobby. Feel good young lady.

May god work on your wellbeing. Much obliged sovereign mother. Tune in. I know what is going on. You were gone after by cutting. Who went after you? My king. I don’t have any idea how long I’m in this condition. I’ve simply arouse up. That’s what I heard.. Seniha King accepted me as a lady of the hour. How might I say who went after me? Let me know young lady. You don’t have to apprehensive. I’m the sovereign mother. I’m the nacre of the caliphate pearl. It’s not possible for anyone to anybody under my security. Come on. Come on. Tell me. I was eating something in array of mistresses that evening my king. General Mahmud came. At the point when he sorted out I knew him ..he went after me. Then, at that point.. I’m similar to this my king. It implies.. The causer of your condition.. general Mahmud. Seniha Ruler needed to make your her little girl in regulation. With the goal that you wouldn’t give her better half’s name. Bidar Ruler took you under his insurance. With the goal that you would give the name of whomever she preferred. Listen young lady. You won’t tell this any other individual. My king. What will befall me?

 You will be where you will be apprehensive. In the place of general Mahmud. My ruler. How will I respond there? And my life security? Try not to stress young lady. It’s the most secure spot. Assuming something happens to you the causer will be self-evident. Both Seniha King and general Mahmud.. ..need to deal with you well. My young lady. I took you under my security. Whoever is answerable for you now.. ..can’t hurt you. Be that as it may.. Assuming that somebody gets some information about the causer of your condition will tell me right away. We maintained this mystery a long time back broad. Yet, our yield didn’t develop. It didn’t escape the dirt. My sovereign. On the off chance that we hadn’t discharge Sara Hedaya we would advance at this point.

At any rate, we will advance. Relax. My sovereign. We have news from Ömer. Give him access. What is going on? My sovereign. Ömer went to the trade as he was requested. We hung tight for some time. Yet, no one came. Then we pursued him. Ömer gave miss Sara. Yet.. Mean Hiram killed Ömer’s mom my sovereign. We came from god and will get back to him. My sovereign. There was a cross.. the temple of Ömer’s mom. Wait around Ömer. My sovereign. Will we welcome him and talk? He’s a respectable man. He wouldn’t get into mischief. General. Ömer resembles a set bolt now. We can’t stop him. I truly want to believe that we won’t meet him in a prison.

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