Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 13 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 13 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5.This is Episode number 13 of Payitaht Ruler Abdul Hameed. Do you want to get payback from Abdulhamid who killed your dad? I need nothing else. Melike. Recollect me? Ahsen. She is Ahsen. Not Melike. Sara Hedaya. You will pay for this. Remove her. <i PALESTINE</I trust our sovereign is with us. He thinks often about you. So he requested me.. ..not to pass on. In this manner you won’t pass on by the same token. Much appreciated man. Ottoman can hear everything. All ought to know this! It excuses when fundamental! We ought to tell them.. ..not to spend such a large number of shots for disgusting Zionists. You both call foul and use them. <i YILDIZ PALACE</I Do you recollect that lady? No my sovereign. No.

 She sent you to the royal residence to kill me. You’ll recollect sometime. Your test will start then, at that point. My sovereign. We’re facilitating Sara in a fitting room of the castle. Let her stand by.. ..also, ponder the responses of our inquiries tomorrow. News from Palestine? Not yet my sovereign. <i PALESTINE</I Get down Celal! Canines of King Hamid! Drop your weapons! Drop your weapons! We’re not to take day to day routines ..but rather to give our lives if essential. Offensive. You improper! Dishonorable! Killing you here would be great. I want to. They began killing the Jews. Did they begin killing the Jews? Tune in. We ought to compose extravagant news. What’s more, somewhat contacting.

We ought to give the news that Mr.Herzl needed. Final expressions of the Jew who was killed by brutal Ottoman.. “In the event that we had a country Ottoman couldn’t kill us.” Decent. Come on get together. Get the machines and legs. Pick up the pace! Come on. We should go. Ömer! Ömer! What’s happening child? Wake up! What happened child? Ömer! Mother. They abducted mother! Zeynep. Zeynep! Awaken Zeynep. Zeynep. Talk my sister. What happened Zeynep? Tell me. Talk sister. Asiye. What happened young lady? The entryway was thumped. I opened. I however it was you. There was a man with one eye. He pushed me and got in. At the point when he saw Asiye he strolled towards her.

He threatened to use his firearm out. Then, at that point, I blacked out. I don’t have a clue about the rest. Who is that man child? Hiram. Who is Hiram? The adversary of our nation and country. Asım. Father. Father. God! All benevolent! All charitable! All powerful! All impeccable! All friend in need! Where are you going Mahmud? My Seniha. My remedy of life. A business. Consequently. In any case, don’t sit tight for me. Rest early. I understand.. You escape from home with each explanation. What’s happening general? Hold up. State issues Seniha. In the event that it wasn’t necessary to focus on state.. I wouldn’t go to my own memorial service by abandoning you. On the off chance that the memorial service is yours ..they will take you despite the fact that you don’t go. Believe it or not. Father. Is that right? And Sara? Could it be said that she was ready to track down Melike? I wish you discovered that and we wouldn’t sit tight for the first part of the day. Assuming she completed it ..we really want to get Sara out of there. Sabahattin. Sara will not escape castle. What do you be aware? It’s really self-evident. In the event that I hadn’t taken authorization from King Abdulhamid ..might I at some point have placed Sara in the castle? You betrayed Sara.

You let Abdulhamid eat her. What you did isn’t correct. Sabahattin. My child. Try not to express inept things. Is it safe to say that you are visually impaired Sabahattin? Don’t you see Abdulhamid.. ..looking all over for a deceiver child? Do you figure Abdulhamid will settle down.. ..prior to eating somebody? Father yet.. How might we manage red king without Sara? Sara is certainly not a notable individual. Abdulhamid will decimate her. Furthermore, when he does his fury will disappear. Consider it. What’s our advantage about this? Think. We will wind up by showing Sara to Melike. Thus.. ..Melike’s recollections will get revived. She will recollect that she got in collection of mistresses to kill Abdulhamid.

She’ll complete her incomplete business. Furthermore, even without our inclusion. Furthermore, there is Hiram. Just relax. His turn will likewise come. Listen Sabahattin. A frightful past is.. ..the greatest obstruction for an individual. If you have any desire to start over need to clean it. We sold Theodor Herzl out in the train plan. We had Sara gotten. Also, you’ll dispose of Hiram now. We let Abdulhamid step on our companions individually. Father. We began with those individuals. In the event that we let them down now Assuming the general’s hand gets singed figure he will think often about matches? I’ll consume them all. I won’t actually look behind. Assuming nerve bladder was my dad ..I would tossed it and walk.

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