Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 09 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 09 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5.This is Episode number 09 of Payitaht Ruler Abdul Hameed. Monetary invasion was the strategies for English segment into Egypt, as it was for the French control of Tunisia. The Khedives of Egypt, Sait and Ismail, had contracted monstrous credits at tremendous limits, first to develop the Suez Waterway, by then to help their own special sumptuous lifestyles. By 1875, the commitment had extended to 100 million English pounds and it expected numerous thirds of each and every Egyptian pay to keep the commitments changed. The cash related province of Egypt was thusly an ideal portrayal of that of the Ottoman Domain.Right when the Egyptians defaulted in their commitment portions, the European powers molded the Egyptian Obligation Commission with the expert to hold onto express salaries. To ensure consistence, the powers constrained an Armenian loyalist as the head of Egypt, while a British bloke transformed into the asset serve and a Frenchmen, the priest of open works.

Enable the Europeans, which caused an open situation. Riding on notable contempt, a get-together of Egyptian equipped power authorities compelled the Khedive to clear the pariahs in the help and pick Egyptians. Right when the Khedive dismissed the outcasts, the English and French, in consortium, mentioned that Khedive Ismail be superseded by his kid Tawfiq who was continuously reliable and even more prepared to recognize the English French terms.

In any case, since Egypt was truth be told an Ottoman locale, the dismissal of a Khedive actually required the consent of the Ruler in Istanbul. King Abdul Hamid from the beginning influenced, yet he had no chance to get out; Ismail was dismissed and Tawfiq was assigned in his place.

The Ruler sent a task to Cairo to look at and resolve the monetary issues with the European powers. While dealings were going on, a joined armada of English and French maritime powers appeared off the shore of Alexandria to put weight on the referees. This looked like pouring oil on a fire. Egyptian loyalist idea ejected and swarm hostility killed a couple of untouchables. This was the appearance the English were keeping it together for. Using the explanation of getting European lives, the English maritime power blasted the undefended city of Alexandria, butchering two or three hundred people.

The French, who had at first mentioned military action against Egypt, wound up stressed that a solidified strike would simply move England into a dominating situation in Egypt and pulled out of the plot. Steadfast, an English power showed up in Alexandria and ensuing to including the city, continued forward Cairo. On September 3, 1882, the loyalist Egyptian powers met the intruders at the encounter of Tel el Kabir yet were squashed. Following four days the English outfitted force was in Cairo. The deficiency of Tunisia to France and of Egypt to England suggested that the Ottoman Realm was as of now an Asian component including its Anatolian heartland and the Middle Easterner locales of Syria, Iraq and Arabia. The conflict with Russia and the deficiency of Egypt and Tunisia had cost the Domain more than 60% of its general population. There was a gigantic surge of Muslim outcasts from the Balkans. These pariahs, having lost all that they had, were inconceivably antagonistic to the Christians and were set out to continue with their fight against Russia. Secret phrase for this Episode is paYitaht09.

The persevering of the Balkan Muslims propelled sympathy among Muslims elsewhere in the domain and was the main role behind pushing conspicuous assumption toward Islamic fortitude. A subsequent reason behind growing skillet Islamic inclinations was essentially the youth of the King. As a youth Ruler Abdul Hamid was ready by the fundamental ulema and shaykhs of the time. He was a dedicated man who evaded frivolities, was grave, kept his petitions and watched the sets of the Qur’an and Sunnah. By sense and by means of setting up, the King was organized to search for closer binds with the Muslim world.The third was an upsurge of evangelist feeling among the Muslims all over the planet, imparted most strongly by the Mahdi of the Sudan (d.1884). The Tijaniya advancement in the Maghrib and the Sanusiya improvement in Libya extended strict energy among the Muslims of North Africa. In Afghanistan and Focal Asia, the discussion of Jamaluddin Afghani had

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