Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare EPISODE 30 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitles

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 30 of Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare Season 01 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.This is Episode number 30 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Captions. Have they likewise accomplished the success you were anticipating7 They accomplished more thriving than what you ve given to the Balkans.You’ve squandered the blood of the country for years.Now you’re cleaning themAt the finish of this matter you will wind up with a piece of bone in your hand.All these conflicts you’ve entered are for a piece of bone.We need to take care of our dedicated canines cresting of a dependable canine . .where is Mrs. Victoria?Where she has the right to be.What a pityHer love for you is a lot As a gentleman,you wou dn t let her be Demise is delightful when you experience it single-handedly,

 UskUplu.Life could turn into a rescuer when you become alone, sad and loaded up with anger.Victoria was distant from everyone else and unhappy.Because of you UskupluYour bodies comprise of egotism and sin.You’re weaklings loaded up with air.You are a disorder gripping on the world s neckYour just expectation is areas of strength for the of the West.As a kid, I read the horrifying finish of the West at the inclines of Demir Mountains.My predecessors say,

 we’ve constructed those states and we’ve demolished these states Look, Uskuplli. The eventual fate of the world is the headway in the west The world will be saved from the dimness by the decision of the West.That day the sun will rise.The day the sun emerges from the west, Judgment day will happen Mr Cox.Now you’ll all accompany me Or the finish of this will be terrible Get them all.No matter how awful it is,let anything that ought to happen to happen.What would you say you are doing7Mehmet, would you say you are okay, sibling?

Your military is inside corrupt.Injustice, abuse and betrayal.Everything finished it.You understand this better than I do I’m offering you the chance to be an extraordinary general, do you understand?And I’m offering you the chance to kill me, do you understand?You know I’m not going tokill you when you’re my guest.AnywaysYou are free to go.ut assuming you need to stay,.May ALLAH give me a developed enemy.At least we can isolate gentlemanly.C m onYou owe me that muchI don’t owe you and any semblance of you anything else than a bullet.Come on give me your handYou owe cities.First, Jerusalem then Baghdad Those grounds will be ours.

There’s no room on top of it, yet there’s a ton of room underneath.Then I’ll see you onthe combat zone, Uskiiplu.Brin it.Oswald.Breaking his neck is really difficult Yet I like our endlessmind games extremely much.It’s very fun.Did you catch it?Yes sir Each momentA legend s finishing OswaldNow show these photographs to Commandant Sefik.Let us demonstrate that he was not mixed up about his main friend Uskuplu The deceptive Uskiiplu.Oh my God!Clean up the placLet s goL t’s goZeynepWhere are you coming from?

I was with Fatima.Don’t at any point rehash that, girl dieL]} si AljmYou don’t maintain that I should converse with Fatima7 You comprehend what I’m talking about.I didn t raise you to put a firearm to your head and undermine me, daughter.Don’t test me like that again.The just thing I have left is my granddaughter that I embrace to my chest on his property that I m on Excuse me grandmother.But wear t fail to remember why I did it.I did it since I didn’t need the land you’re on to be pulled from under your feet.My lambMy lambYou will discover that your certainty is more grounded than your compliance.

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