Destan EPISODE 17 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 17 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Ece said that Colpan would kill Tegins. Akiz says Khan’s youths are at this point alive and Kolpan needs to make a course of action. Meanwhile, Kolpan banters with Khan’s kid and tells them what happened a very long time earlier. Destan Episode 17 Danis says the heroes are good to go to the mountains. As he put on his defensive layer, Khan saw that the paper he had covered there was missing.

Batuga subtly goes to the jail and asks Akkiz for what substantial explanation did he return to the regal home. Akiz said that Balamir put out a catch for Nagel and Teginas. Batuga comprehends that Balamir should be an inn and courses out through a secret tunnel with Akiz. Sirma gives Batuga Khan paper and tells him that he can’t get the seal. Batuga says Balamir shouldn’t pass on, but Akkiz clashes.

Alpagu says he will allow Doug to trade now, but Kolpan needs more. Alpagu tells Kolpan that he will have projecting a voting form privileges in the chamber and invites him to the imperial home. Some strong bey comes to Balamir’s tent and demands that he exhibit Alpagu’s weakness. Edge mentioned that Akiz leave the palace, yet Akiz returned to his room without saying anything.

Alpagu says they obliged with Doug for a year and Kolpan will go to a hunting festivity. Kolpan says Tutkun will marry Kaya. Balamir planned a course of action to pursue Hunting Occasions and enlightened his fighters about it. Kun Ata saw Khan’s physical issue and referred to the flavors expected for the drug. Khan said he couldn’t take the prescription he needed right now because of the hunting event.

demands that Kuzu kill Akiz during the hunting festivity. Exactly when Kircicek returned to his room, he saw Akkiz. Akiz says he isn’t paw and Balamir will follow teginas. Kircichek fights with Akiz anyway is squashed. Akiz then, goes to Kolpan’s room yet can’t find anyone there. Batuga says Kolpan might have gone to speak with Saltuk.

Akiz said he expected to go hunting with Kaya and asked Khan’s assent. Kircicek goes to Gunseli’s room and gives him harmful substance to kill Tutkun. Kircicek says he basically has to escape from the imperial home and asks Gunseli for help. Balamir’s military pursued Akiz and Kaya first. Various contenders start pursuing Temur. The warriors that Akkiz brought from Doug saved him.

Alpagu thought momentarily and said that he would leave Khan’s post since his prosperity was terrible. Alpagu said there would in a little while be a significant social occasion where the board would hold races. Exactly when Temur returned to the palace, he went to the stockroom and started speaking with Tutkun. Tutkun says he loves Temur anyway needs to submit to Kolpan’s solicitations. Temur kicked incredibly furious and off battling with Kaya. The poison started working and Tutkun tumbled to the ground. Alpagu cautiously left with Batuga and Akkiz.

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