Destan EPISODE 15 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 15 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Alpagu attacks Batuga’s covering spot with his warriors. Batuga hides behind a horse carriage. Khan’s officers shoot bolts for a really long time and a while later farewell the guideline attack. Ece goes to a little town and banters with people who have smallpox. Temur goes to this town with his mother and demands that no one leave here. Ece gives prescription and salt to incapacitated people. Akkiz’s catches work and most of Khan’s warriors pass on. Alpagu joins the contention and pursues Akkiz. Batuga eliminates Kaya from the tent and stops everyone. Alpagu stops his officials to save Kaya’s life. Alpagu says he knows Batuga and he will continuously not be able to kill Kaya. Colpan comes to help Batuga, but when she sees the completion of the contention, she stops pursuing.

Batuga says he really wants to make an arrangement. Alpagu recognizes this suggestion and solicitations that Batuga ride a horse. Batuga gets on a horse, however with inconvenience, and starts managing his father. Batuga demands that Akkiz talk and begins to exclusively say his terms. Batuga demands the appearance of the persecuted women and Tutkun. Alpagu recognizes this proposition resulting to chatting with Danis. Batuga demands ten horses, ten chests of gold, and swords. Alpagu recognizes these conditions, but he really wants Saltuk to pass on. Batuga expresses something like this will not happen. Alpagu encourages Batuga to convey Kaya and he will remain himself. Alpapu examines Sirma’s physical issue and wipes out the bolt from her body. Alpagu then, goes to a tent with Danis and says he will watch Batuga during his visit there.

Ece goes to the palace and takes measures to prevent the spread of smallpox. After a short time, Kaya comes to the imperial home. Kaya tells that their attack was incapable and Khan is a prisoner of Batuga. Kaya tells his mother what Batuga needs. Mei figures Batuga will tell everything to Khan and becomes angry with Vargi. Ece makes a game plan to taint Akkiz with smallpox. Yibek returns to the little town and necessities to use it by giving money to a young woman there. Batuga conveys food to his father and Danis. Alpagu show respect for Batuga on finding extraordinary partners. Alpagu tells Batuga that he will not at any point be Khan and that he is harmed. Batuga tells his father what his mother expressed a very long time earlier. Batuga continues to talk and tells his father that there are various cheaters in the palace.

Akkiz then, show respect for Batuga and says that he terrified Alpagu an extraordinary arrangement. Saltuk comprehends that Colpan is nearby and goes to secretively chat with her. Colpan says she saw all that and requirements to chat with Batuga. Saltuk goes to Batuga’s tent and tells that Colpan has an arrangement. Colpan embraces Batuga and begins to talk. Colpan says that Akkiz is dedicated to Batuga and that is the explanation she dropped the exile decision about her. Akkiz rejects this suggestion. Colpan says she will make a significant attack with Balamir to get back at Khan and solicitations that Batuga join this attack. Batuga says he will not at any point segregate his country. Batuga says a social event ought to run the country instead of Alpagu. Colpan later re-appearances of her family and teaches Balamir in regards to her conversation with Batuga.

Balamir speedily needs to make an attack, but Colpan stops him. Ece finds that Sabars set out to demand Kircicek. Right after chatting with his mother, Kaya sets out to take what Batuga required. Calayir stealthily gives a piece of paper to a slave riding in a carriage. Batuga and Akkiz practice swordplay every day of the week. Akkiz takes the slave young women, horses, and chests stacked with gold. Alpagu says he will save Tutkun later from China. Batuga tells his father that he will prompt his father where to send Tutkun later and demands that he be mindful against the double-crossers in the palace. Alpagu returns to the palace with Kaya. Temur comes and asks where Tutkun is. While Temur is enraged with Batuga, Saltuk comes and says that the young woman is actually an administration employable working for Colpan.

Yaman says that the horses that Kaya brought were hurt and that the gold in the chests was fake. Colpan goes to the palace that night and starts examining the terrible things that have occurred lately. Colpan says that Alpagu’s decisions hurt the state, so a chamber ought to lead the country. Alpagu is very irate at this arrangement and sends everyone away. Akkiz tells the message sent by Calayir to Batuga and says that they need to pursue the Sabars who are going to the regal home. The next day, Batuga and his sidekicks attack the Sabars conveying gifts. Batuga frees the persecuted women. Yaman notices the chest overflowing with salt in the carriage and says they are rich. Akkiz demands the trailblazer from the motorcade to tell Khan that the paw did this attack. Alpagu finds a bolt and a piece of paper on his elevated place. Alpagu comprehends what is created on this paper and acknowledges where to send Tutkun.

Alpagu begins to envision that there are an exorbitant number of joke artists in the palace. Alpagu then, calls Tai and solicitations that he send Tutkun to the Dag. Alpagu says if the pastor doesn’t send Tutkun, he will kill him. Alpagu then, goes to the secret tunnel in the palace and looks at the photographs Batuga had drawn on the dividers years earlier. Colpan sees Batuga coming to the tribe and orders the celebrations to begin. Definitely, Tutkun comes too. Tutkun goes to chat with Temur and says that she misses him beyond a shadow of a doubt. Temur says that Kaya is by and by a Yabgu and that he is done with Tutkun. While Batuga is eating with Colpan, Balamir comes and says he will pursue the western khanate soon. Batuga puts his sword around Balamir’s neck and tells him that he will not at any point confine the country. Akkiz comes and says that smallpox has started to spread in the faction. Temur returns to the palace and tells his father that he will confess all with all.

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