Destan EPISODE 14 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 14 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Saltuk takes Batuga to his room in response to popular demand of Alpagu. Batuga starts looking for a strategy for saving Akkiz, but Saltuk asks him why he revealed his genuine person. While Batuga and Saltuk are fighting, Temur comes. Saltuk tells the genuine elements to Temur. Temur acknowledges what Batuga has been doing this time. Saltuk says that congress will start the court soon, yet Batuga says that notwithstanding happens, he won’t get away from the palace. Calayir goes to the jail and says that Akkiz will go to the court as a spectator. Vargi figures Batuga will tell the truth with all, but the cleric says he is excessively splendid to try and consider following through with something like this. Colpan encourages Alpagu that she wants to banter with Batuga. Meanwhile, Batuga comes to the regal chamber and says he would prefer not to chat with his aunt. Batuga continues to talk and says he is fit to be judged.

Alpagu gets up and goes to the imperial home nursery without expressing anything to anyone. It’s impractical for anybody to get what’s going on. Alpagu says the court will be held tomorrow and leaves the palace with his horse. Alpagu stops in the forest and starts hollering. Alpagu continues to ride and goes to Tilsim’s entombment chamber. Alpagu says Batuga has been lying for quite a while so he really wants to kill him. Colpan sees Alpagu crying at Tilsim’s grave. Colpan tells Balamir what happened in the illustrious home and Alpagu’s region. Batuga and Saltuk practice swordplay all through the night. Alpagu dreams of Tilsim and in a little while stirs. Alpagu leaves to return to the illustrious home, yet Balamir’s heroes attack him. Alpagu, yet problematic, defeats these aggressors and advances forward with his way.

Kircicek goes to Batuga’s room and asks him for what legitimate explanation did he reveal his genuine person. Batuga demands that Kircicek track down Balamir’s best strategy. Alpagu returns to his illustrious home and orders the primer to begin. The contenders bring Akkiz as an onlooker. Saltuk tells the claims against Batuga. Danis starts getting some information about Batuga. Akkiz begins to get a handle on that Batuga can talk and why he covered it. Akkiz says Batuga is guiltless and he is endeavoring to protect Khan. Batuga needs Alpagu to represent the requests. Alpagu makes sense of why he endeavored to kill Batuga years earlier. Batuga objects to what Khan said. Batuga audits that Balamir bewildered everyone. Batuga tells that Alpagu really has the advantaged position because of his secret exercises. Akkiz maintains what Batuga said. Alpagu asks Batuga for what substantial explanation he revealed his character resulting to hiding reality this time.

Alpagu says the chamber needs to pick. Close to the completion of the primer, Batuga says he wants to banter with Alpagu alone. Alpagu doesn’t recognize this arrangement. Ece gets generally that Batuga has done and turns out to be especially incensed. Ece demands that Vargi chat with the minister. Saltuk gives Temur realize that the contenders access the jail are dedicated to Ece and that is the explanation he couldn’t hold onto Akkiz. Kaya goes to the room where the social occasion people are and influences their decision by examining the trade on the silk road. Mei says Batuga is very dangerous person. Cleric says Batuga will not uncover reality concerning China and goes to the jail to chat with Akkiz. The minister demands that Akkiz tell all that Batuga knows and admit to her the region of the secret tunnel. Akkiz rejects this arrangement. Saltuk says the board has picked and takes Batuga to the imperial chamber.

Board people reliably report that Batuga is reprehensible and should be executed. Alpagu says he wants to agree with the law and Batuga will be executed before the special position. Alpagu goes to another space with Batuga and believes that the executioner will come. Alpagu embraces his kid one last time and ends up being enraged with him. Batuga asks his father not to blame anyone. Alpagu wishes Batuga had confessed all with all to his father. Batuga says he doesn’t totally acknowledge that his father and that his mother isn’t a prankster. Batuga says he really wants Akkiz to be there during the execution and gets back to his room. Alpagu finds that the executioner is ready for execution and goes to the imperial chamber. Alpagu asks Akkiz justifiably she conceded that she was the paw. Akkiz demands that Khan excuse Batuga and says she will admit to the favored experiences. Khan doesn’t recognize this arrangement and orders the execution to begin.

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