Destan EPISODE 13 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 13 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Turkish heroes make upheaval in the nursery of the imperial home. Tilsim delivers Batuga at this point. Since the birth took shockingly extended, Kamkadin does a custom and endeavors to exorcize Satan from the regal home. Colpan endeavors to help Tilsim. Alpagu comes to the palace from the cutting edge. Danis is outstandingly bewildered and tells Khan that the birth took shockingly extensive. As Khan will go into Tilsim’s room, a kid begins to cry. Danir says Satan has left the palace. Colpan says that Khan has another youngster and gives the kid to his father. Alpagu sees the blood in the palm of his baby youngster and says he will be a fantastic ruler. Also as Danis will organize the celebrations to begin, Alpagu stops him.

Alpagu says that this youth has a debilitated hand and returns it to Tilsim. Tilsim demands Khan what the name from this youngster will be. Khan takes his kid in his arms and takes him to the regal chamber. Toygar asks what his grandson’s name will be, but Alpagu says he hasn’t made a decision yet. A long time elapses and Batuga grows up. Batuga puts energy with Temur and paints in the nursery of the palace. Ece disdains Batuga to an always expanding degree and reliably says she attempts to stay away from him. Tilsim gets pregnant reliably, but doesn’t have another youngster other than Batuga. Ece says Tilsim doesn’t treat her children well. Batuga sees that his masterpieces in the nursery are being cleaned by the specialists and he is vexed. Batuga then, goes to the devouring entryway with his mother.

Batuga looks at the food on the table. Alpagu gets some data about China. Whenever Ece will drink the sherbet on the table, Batuga hollers and stops her. Batuga says this glass doesn’t have a spot with the regal home. Alpagu comprehends that there is a poisonous refreshment in this glass and begins to ask the laborers requests. The expert assassin in the imperial home ends it all together not to talk. After this episode, Alpagu says he will give his kid a name. Toygar and Colpan go to the regal home. Colpan talks with Batuga and practices swordsmanship with him. Everyone goes to the regal chamber and starts focusing on Khan. Alpagu tells about the bravery of his youngster and pronounces to everyone that he goes by Batuga. Ensuing to learning the name, Batuga asks with respect to whether he can transform into a Khan later on. Danis says Batuga won’t be a Khan later on. Ece says that Khan has two extra youngsters, yet Balamir says they have Russian blood.

Alpagu says God will give another kid later on. During the capability, Tilsim ends up being wiped out. Alpagu goes to Tilsim’s room and sorts out that she has had another unexpected labor. Ece sees Alpagu talking with Tilsim and gets particularly jealous of her. Ece encourages Yibek that she really wants to kill Tilsim and calls Vargi to her room. Vargi says she will do this undertaking with the objective that Ece doesn’t invigorate question. Ece calms Vargi and says Alpagu will kill Tilsim. Ece needs Tai to be associated with this course of action and says that she will allow Temur to marry thusly. Vargi focuses on Ece’s game plan and takes action. As Turkish fighters go through a valley, Chinese officials attack. Vargi puts the message on the insurance of a Chinese official, as the need might arise. Balamir finds this message from Vargi and tells Khan that there is an administration specialist in the regal home.

Saltuk asks who this cheat is. Ece makes a message to Tilsim using Dag Khan’s name and demands that she escape from the regal home. Yibek quickly takes this message formed by Ece to Tilsim. Tilsim feels that this deceptive message came from her father and excursions with her youngster including the secret tunnel in the palace. Batuga remembers this event over and over and feels that maybe they ought to stay in the palace. As Tilsim will cross the stream, Alpagu comes and kills the Dag’s officers. Alpagu takes Batuga and asks Tilsim why she escaped. Tilsim says she is guiltless and never beguiled Khan, but Alpagu kills her. The next day, Yibek tells Ece that Alpagu killed Tilsim. Alpagu then, goes to the Dag with Tilsim’s body and kills Toygar for his treachery.

Alpagu then, says that he has expelled people of the Mountain and returns to the palace with his kid. Alpagu examines the Turks who kicked the container because of the Chinese, but Batuga says he won’t at any point chat with his father from here on out. Alpagu organizes all of those from Dag in the palace to be killed. Batuga comprehends that his life is at risk and goes to the illustrious chamber. Alpagu orders Batuga to be executed. The executioner puts the bow on Batuga’s neck. Batuga can’t persevere through anything more and faints. Alpagu and Temur endeavor to wake Batuga. Regardless of the way that Batuga is only ten years old, he starts to delude his father and starts acting like a crazy kid. Alpagu figures Batuga will recover soon and holds on in the regal home for about a month. Right when Alpagu comprehends that Batuga will not recover, he fights with China.

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