EPISODE 44 Alp Arslan Season 2 Great Seljuke Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 44 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Captions by GiveMe5. This spot has a place with me nowNo one can stop me!What’s going on here?Everyone, put your swords down!How could this be?Alexander!Get up!Alexander!Alexander!You killed my son!May God be my observer, you will pay for this!How might you at any point do this!?How?Alexander!How might you at some point do this!? How is it that you could ignore the harmony agreement……our Ruler sealed!Suleyman!You didn’t come to the wedding so you could go after the motel with Kutalmis Bey, right?Do you want to put dissension among me and Vegetation by killing her brother?Not just me, you set the state in a terrible position too!SuleymanWhat you see isn’t the truth.Kutalmis Bey is liable for what occurred, and the blood on my sword Alparslan Bey is telling the truth.Although he did do it unwillingly……he assisted us a great deal with his sword.But he had barely any insight into it.What about you, Suleyman Bey?What about you, Suleyman Bey?

You are cooperating with the nfidels and prepare for harmony You wed an unbeliever hatun for peace!You wed a heathen hatun for peace!And now, you are flying off the handle for Tekfur’s dumb child and these corpses?If your genuine issue is the sibling of the hatun you are enamored with…..then I killed him! Me!You are getting glad for that, huh?Byzantine is our adversary too.But we are not allowing our desire to shadow the way of Seljuk!You ought to realize that you will wind up equivalent to your cousin Ibrahim Yinal, whom you are following!Your torment is perfect, Tekfur.That’s why……I will allow you to go with your men.But, the second you come to Ani, I will take your head!Now, take your child and go. Come on!This is for the daring warrior you just killed.Surmari is mine now!Let it be known!Don’t come here again……or I won’t show you any mercy!It seems as though you trust those jumbled fighters that stand behind you.

However, remember about the finish of the Bey they upheld before.I dislike Yinal Bey, Melik Alparslan.Don’t fail to remember that.Do your best.will not fail to remember that you killed my son.Don t come here with your army!Surmari is surrounded!Alparslan!Although the blood on your sword isn’t my child’s, you have a section in his death.\ 6From now on, watch your back!Because, I will be there!Go and cover your child, Tekfur!I am not in the mood!Can’t you see his pain?Like I said……watch your back!You too!I am coming as well, I really want to see Flora.Don’t!Don’t, Melik SuleymanI would rather not see a solitary Turk around me!This marriage finished before it begun!You say that you are a Melik of Seljuk state, and the heir……but you actually need to go to Ani and remain with the infidels.I advised you to watch who you are talking to……and express yourself likewise, right?We lost Surmari as a result of you!

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