EPISODE 38 Alp Arslan Season 2 Great Seljuke Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 38 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

While getting back from Baghdad, Alparslan was stunned by the letter from Yinal: Yinal professes to be the new proprietor of Vaspurakan! Will Alparslan, trusting these expressions of Yinal, convey Vaspurakan to him, or will he oppose to not give the palace? How might Yinal satisfy Tugrul’s structure and take Vaspurakan from Alparslan? By muddling things, or by harmony? What will be Tuğrul’s response to this battle?

Seferiye needs to come clean with Alparslan about the upheaval, while Arslan Yusuf tells her with a brutal language that he can’t do this to himself. Will Seferiye tell within the insurgency and uncover Arslan Yusuf? Besasiri, who got an extraordinary blow from Alparslan in Baghdad, entered the Seljuk terrains with all his outrage and hatred. Besasiri will attempt to seek his retribution on Alparslan and draw him into the snare, and he will remain before Çağrı and destroy him. Can Besasiri draw in Alparslan as he wishes with what he has done?

For this situation, will Cagri make due or will he die? Exploiting Yinal’s attack of Vaspurakan, Grigor will attempt to plant conflict among the Seljuks. With the launches he will provide for Yinal, Grigor, who keeps the city on fire, will actually want to get what he needs by having an effect among Yinal and other tradition individuals? What will Vegetation experience, who penetrated the palace to see Solomon and stayed in this unrest?

Because of his arrangement, Besasiri harmed Çağrı and figured out how to draw in Alparslan. Alparslan, who went to Ruler Tugrul to discuss the Yinal issue, turned his bearing to Besasiri when he heard the news that Çağrı had passed on and was caught by the snare set by Besasiri after a wild fight. How might Alparslan dispose of Besasiri? The individuals who need to save Alparslan will uncover their personalities by uncovering themselves. Discovering that Alparslan was caught, Seferiye will quickly make a move and attempt to save him.

At the point when Grigor discovers that Alparslan has been taken prisoner, he will make a move and meet with Besasiri. What is Grigor’s arrangement for Alparslan? Will he pass on it to Besasiri or will he take it himself? Then again, King Tugrul came to Vaspurakan and advised Yinal that he had pursued the choice to take Vaspurakan himself. In any case, the naphtha tossed by Yinal has changed things. Yınal, who will begin to make the primary strides of her wooden stroll with Öke, will attempt to give what conditions to understand her aspirations? Yinal will discover that Alparslan has been taken prisoner. Will Yinal trust that his greatest snag will vanish, or will he take action to save Alparslan?

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