EPISODE 34 Alp Arslan Season 2 Great Seljuke Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 34 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Alp Arslans had entered the hotel to take Surmari, and Grigor had assaulted the Alp Arslans in the motel. How might Alparslan dispose of this snare of Grigor? Will Alparslan, who doesn’t have any idea who illuminates Grigor about this arrangement, will actually want to find out? What will be the proposal of Grigor, who expects to bring Alparslan into imprisonment, to Alparslan? Will Grigor, who caught Süleyman, have the option to take what he needs from the Seljuks by undermining the Seljuk with the existences of him and Alparslan’s alps? How might Alparslan save Süleyman and the alps? How might Alparslan, who is kicking the bucket from one day to another with the impact of toxic substance, set up a game plan in this state?

Hearing that Öke was liable for the attack of the Alparslans in Surmari, Yinal goes off the deep end. Öke tossed the wide range of various rulers into the fire to open the way to the lofty position for him. What will Yinal do even with this present circumstance? Will he request that Öke represent this? Can Yinal help the Alparslans who are caught in Surmari? Arslan Yusuf understood that Yinal had helped out Alparslan and bamboozled Alexander, and this expanded his resentment against Yinal significantly more. Arslan Yusuf is currently prepared to make something else altogether when he learns of the gathering that Çağrı Bey had with the child of Ibrahim Tamgaç Han, the ruler of Karahan. The movement of Alparslan’s disease will likewise agitated Seferiye, and Seferiye will treat Alparslan all the more heartily. Will Seferiye acknowledge that her affections for Alparslan have changed and face it? Or on the other hand will he recharge his feeling of retribution and attempt to avoid Alparslan once more?

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34, Ruler figures out that his girl has been captured and lashes out. In the interim, the envoy sent by Arslan shows up and requests that the Master carry Yinal to the gathering place. The master promptly passes on the palace with Yinal to save his girl’s life. Arslan requests that Grigor kill Yinal. The master promptly acknowledges this proposition and puts his knife on Yinal’s neck. Alparslan comes to the gathering spot and attempts to quiet everybody down.

Seferiye understands that her dad is attempting to kill Yinal and begins to feel that her marriage was a misstep. Alparslan says nobody will lose today and stops Arslan. Arslan understands that his life is at serious risk lastly consents to deliver Greenery. The Master takes his little girl back. Selcan attempts to quiet Oke and asks her not to commit another error. Alparslan requests that Master discharge Yinal.

While the Ruler is imploring in the timberland with his troopers, an Emir visits him. Emir gives the key of his palace to Tughrul and welcomes him to supper. The King acknowledges this deal and sets out. Alpagut leaves a mystery message on a pony truck conveying trash. Yinal tells that new merchants will come to the motel and keeps on talking. Yinal says he knows how to go after the central command close to the palace and attempts to convince Alexander to do this assault.

Alexander acknowledges this proposition and says that Yinal will bite the dust soon. Seferiye says she is blameless and is simply attempting to stop her dad. Alparslan sees Yusuf leaving the motel and asks him for what good reason he did something like this. Arslan says that he was unable to persuade Alexander and gets back to the palace in a miserable state. A government operative digging through the trash finds the mystery message Alpagut left. Yinal furtively converses with Razen and requests that he take a message to Alparslan.

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