EPISODE 19 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 19 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Open the door!Open the door! Or we’ll break it!Open the door!How? How could you do it, Meryem?How?We will take you to Commander Pietro. Go!Meryem!Meryem?How? They are our enemies, Meryem!They are your enemies!Take him!Meryem!Meryem!Are you sure that this is the cellar of Unita, Sahin?I made a great effort to find it. I’m sure, they are here.God…We can save my brother if nothing goes wrong, I hope.Unita protects these cellars well. It might be dangerous.Let’s be careful.Thank you for your help, Sahin.Sahbaz might be inside.You can go back if you want.Sahbaz is not my brother anymore, he is my enemy.And I know what should be done to enemies.Don’t worry.Good then. Let the raid start.You won’t feel any pain after Commander Pietro cuts your head off, Hizir.Hang on, Hizir!

I won’t lose my head before I cut your heads off!Hizir, are you alright?-I am.. I am..Piri went to the dungeon to save the spies.And when I saw these soldiers going the way you went… I got suspicious.Hopefully, I came.Where is Meryem?Aren’t we going to take her?Don’t ask, Niko. I’ll talk to you about that later.Let’s go to the yard. Piri was going to bring the spies there. Let’s go.Go this way. We’ll go this way.Sahbaz!You’re at the end of the way, Sahbaz.That’s it.What do you think you are doing?Drop that fire.We will all die here.What are you doing, you dastard man?I did my best to make you happy, Isabel.The only thing I wanted you to do was to stand next to me.But still, you left me and went to Oruc.You lied to me!You tricked me when you had my brother!

Weren’t you going to go with him if I gave your brother to you? You were!So that you won’t be mine……no one else can have you.Don’t Sahbaz…Only death can solve this dead-end for three of us.Sahbaz, don’t!I knew that I was going to shed my brother’s blood in the end.I knew that I was going to shed my brother’s blood in the end.Could you find her brother?We did. Antuan took him out. He is taking him to the ship.Ah my brother… Thank God, I am looking forward to see him.I heard the gun shots from there! Hurry!

Let’s leave this place.Go and check every place in the castle! Don’t let Hizir run away! I want him dead or alive!We will check the yards of the castle.Go, hurry!Piri must’ve come here to save the spies. I’ll deal with him.Who is there?Ottoman’s revenge.My lions.. Hang on.I arrived, my valiant. I arrived, I’ll save you.Will you be able to resist Demircan?We are still alive, Piri Reis.We can resist until we die.My lions…Piri Reis and the spies still haven’t arrived.I wonder if he couldn’t save them, Hizir.We would find out if he couldn’t. We have to go to the backyard as soon as possible, let’s go.Take the swords of the dead ones.Well save the others and head to the back door. Hizir is waiting for us there.We have to hurry before the soldiers raid here.Alright, Reis.I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find you, Piri.

I would suffer if someone else killed you.You don’t even know that you’re just a sheep that is rubbing its neck on the knife when standing in front of me.And my duty is to slit that throat now!Attack!You put Niko’s head in the water, now I will put your head into the wall.Knights are coming, Piri Resi.We need to leave now.Come on.Piri!You can’t run, Hizir.Niko, stay with Hizir.Guard the corner.Where is Meryem?This is not the place to talk about it. I’ll tell you when we get out of here.You are losing blood fast, Hizir.Piri Reis, knights are coming this way. They are crowded.You take Hizir Reis. We will distract them for you to run.We cannot do that. They will capture you.We came here to save you.And now will we give you back to them?You saved us, Reis. Now now we protect help you.One soldier dies, a thousand comes.But someone like Piri Reis and Hizir Reis will be hard to find.We made important preparations dor the conquest in our secret hideout.Complete them and finish the conquest. Our lives don’t matter.Our destiny is Shahada, anyway.Give us your pardon in this world and Qiamah.

We do, Reis.They are running away. Get them!Fight for yourReises, brave men!Hizir and Piri got away.At least they couldn’t take Maria or their spies….know how to find the hideout they will hide in.And…I will make you pay for this sacrifice, …for this sacred act, brave men.That man called Oruc hung Karabay in the middle of Alexandria.Mamluk State will reciprocate, right, Regent?They will make him pay.We will make him pay. He will caught blood.Killing our Emir on our land.Even the Ottoman Sultan cannot save him.Things got out of hand in Alexandria.Disrespectful Oruc’s crimes, Unita man Sahbaz’s doings.From now on, I will show the power of Mamluk to all defeatists.We will send soldiers everywhere.Oruc cannot get out of Mamluk lands.Bring him to me. Dead or alive.

I will put Mamluk State’s iron fist in Alexandria.oThank Allah, Sansar and our men were there in time …and brought you before you bled out and died.My brother is here, huh?There is no importance in being brothers anymore.From now on,Kilicoglu Sahin is the same as Oruc for me.I will kill him when I see him.That woman called Isabel is the one to be blamed.Sorry brother but that women fooled all of you.I told you not to trust her.Enough, Sahsenem.I am already stressed.Don’t piss me off.What do you think you’re doing, Regent?YourWe confiscated your inn.What do you mean you confiscated it?On what grounds?You worked with Unita and fiddled.We will not be tolerant like Karabay. The state’s fist is here.That is why we confiscated it on behalf of the state. Laws allow it.Mighty Regent, I have documents.I do not care about the laws.If you don’t care about the laws, the state will make you care with its sword.This is bullying.We are speaking the language you understand.

We will stop the bandits like you and Oruc.Pack your things and get the hell out of Alexandria.No one get kick me out of my inn!I will not let you have it! You do not have the right to do this.Kick them out.Do not touch me. Let us go.Let go of us!Let go of us!Let go of us!Let go of us!Our inn is taken.They kicked us out of our home.They ruined our lives.The person to blame for this is Oruc.I will kill him,…Isabel, Kilicoglu Sahin. I will destroy them.I will rise from my ashes, Sahsenem.I will destroy them all and turn them into ashes.Nothing is finished.We are just getting started.You are guilty of killing Emir Karabay, Oruc.Either surrender or we will cut your head off.I gave the punishment for Emir Karabay’s betrayal.Your state should think about its Emir’s betrayal, instead of messing with me.Now get out of our way. We are going to Kalymnos siege.

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