EPISODE 18 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 18 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Release the people!Attack brothers! It is the day for war!It is the day for honor!Aga! You go to the mansion! Ilyas! Spread through the streets! Come on!P!Z!HYou’ve hunted the Pietro’s cub, huh?Pietro is in the ship.We will both hunt Pietro and his cub!Come on!So Sahsenem is your sister.So Sahsenem is your sister.We are grateful to her. She saved the ship that was bringing our goods from an attack.That’s right, my sister is brave. She does that kind of things.I like you, beautiful girl. Let’s keep in touch.Thanks, Huma Hatun.I’m honored to be close to good people like you.Then I want you to be my guest in our mansion, we can have a chat.Then I want you to be my guest in our mansion, we can have a chat.Are you playing games with mYou agreed with me to attack the ship. Did you send your sister behind my back to trick them?Are you playing doubles, Sahbaz?

Firuze Hatun, I swear I did not know. I just learned.I am taking notes of this. I don’t play politics like Karabay……next time, if you make such a mistake, I will ruin you! Remember that!Brother.Move, we are going to the inn.What’s going on?People will think that I attacked your ship.Move! Quick!The bastards took over the mosque!Unless the mosque is liberated, our homeland will never be free! Come on levents!Oh Allah!Al hamdu I il I ah!We have saved the mosque. I wouldn’t be sad even if I died now.Shoot them in the heads!Let’s escape!Beyhood is the heart of our homeland.Thank Allah we saved it from occupation.Not yet.Now it’s saved from occupation.

They are going to the ship.Pietro is there too! We will catch them, to the boats!Pietro is there too! We will catch them, to the boats!-Bomb!-Hide!We can’t catch up to them anymore.No matter where you run Pietro, you will end up dead by our swords!Just as how we kicked you out of Lesbos with our swords today…Tomorrow we’ll take over Kalymnos with our swords.They set us a trap father.They took back Lesbos.I don’t want to see your face.Get out of here.Get out.Meryem’s in Kalymnos.I took my sister from you.Now you’ll see how Pietro takes revenge.Unfurl the sails!

We’re going to Kalymnos.We should put him in a stick and cook him Oruc.That’s not what we do Antuan.We’re strong enough to knock them out.You think acting cruelly to Muslims, killing them and slaughtering them means conquering the Mediterranean.But…..Allah’s justice overcomes your cruelty.That justice will bring you crashing down.You’ve only stopped us for today.All the Christian states will come against you now.You, and then……all the Muslims in the Mediterranean will be destroyed.We won’t let you have the Mediterranean.Look at this sword carefully.This sword is the sword of the Mediterranean.As long as we’re holding it, we won’t let the cruel ones live.Until we make all of you knell before it……we won’t put the sword in its sheath.Allah!Knock them over.You saw what kind of cruelty they’re capable of if the conquer the Mediterranean.You should all learn from this.

We should see……the danger that awaits our religion, our laws and our family.With Allah’s will, as long as we have faith…With Allah’s will, as long as we have faith……courage in our hearts and strength in our wrist……we will fight them off.Even though their vicious armies are great, we’ll beat them down.Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Sahsenem.My sweet sister. Welcome.We missed you when you were away with Sahbaz.Come. Have a seat.Tell me what you were up to.You know brother…..that father always disagreed with us.But we gained reputation in the 7 seas.InshAllah we’ll take over Alexandria as well.

InshAllah.Here are the documents Sahsenem.You can start working now.What’s going on Sahbaz?These are Unita documents.Yes.I’ll deal with them.Sahsenem doesn’t have to.Brother.Sahsenem worked with me for years in the sea.She knows this business better than you.She’s here for a reason.Are you trying to set up a game to exclude me?We only set up games for the sake of our business, brother.We have to rule Alexandria.From now on, someone who knows the work should conduct the business, like me, not you.Listen to me.You’ve become very disrespectful since I saw you last. How dare you talk to your brother like that?Don’t waste your time getting mad at her.This is how we do business here from now on.Either you’ll accept that and stay involved.Or you will be completely excluded.We’re handling important work. We can’t make compromises for anyone.You, two weasels……think you can work together……and defeat me in the wolf’s den, huh?Okay, then.I will show you who is the wolf……and who is the sheep.From now on, it’ll be the two of us.Listen.Don’t attack any ship that comes your way.

Because of you, Firuze Hatun thought I was double-crossing her and lashed out at me.How could I know that you had a deal with her to hit an Ottoman ship?I intervened so infidel pirates wouldn’t get attacked.Well done, good.Are you ready to hit every ship……and even everyone for us?For you, I won’t care about anything.I will even sacrifice myself, brother.Everyone will watch us……we take over Alexandria, and the seas.oMy brave father.Your sword has conquered Lesbos years ago.And now, the swords of your children have defeated the enemy.May you rest in peace.Amin.Did the city recuperate?Yes, Hizir Reis.Yes, Hizir Reis.But, Captain Pasa……has sent a letter.

Although we defeated the enemy, they are mad at us for allowing an invasion to happen.The state had an alliance with you for the conquest of Kalmynos.We must do what’s necessary right away.If we can’t make them pay for this invasion, they will punish us for it.They wouldn’t be wrong.We have the responsibility.We will do whatever is necessary.We have to conquer Kalymnos as soon as possible.We’ll go to Alexandria soon.We’ll get the weapons Ottoman sent us, and get ready for the siege.As you command, Aga Reis.We have to present terms of surrender to the enemy before the siege, my aga.I’ll go there as the messenger.I’ll also find out what their preparations are at the castle.Be careful, Hizir.They may set you up. They wouldn’t care about not shooting the messenger.

I’ll take the necessary precautions, my aga. Don’t worry.We have to use our heads, not our arms, to take Kalymnos as soon as possible.I’ll be the messenger……and give you the mportant you need.EyvAllah.The conquest of Kalymnos has become.a matter of life .or death formal I of.us. If we emerge victorious……no one will be able to take out the sword we have stuck in the Mediterranean.May Allah help us.Amin.-Amin.-Amin.The Great Navy of Rhodes is at the harbor. What’s going on here?Who are they?Who are you?!What do you think you are doing?! I am Commander Pietro!What are you doing?Let go of us!You can’t do this to me!I will kill all of you!Hey!Who did you get this order from?!Admiral Salvador.What does this mean, Admiral?What do you think you are doing?

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