EPISODE 27 Alp Arslan Great Seljuke

This is Episode No 27 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles.

TRT 1’s well known TV series Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu’s 27th episode trailer has been delivered. In the trailer; Akça Hatun rejoined with her dad Hasan Bey. The crying of father and little girl embracing each other broke the hearts.

Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu series, the record holder of TRT 1, coordinated by Sedat Inci and featuring Barış Arduç and Fahriye Evcen, keeps on locking millions on the screen. The series, which circulated on Monday, May 23 with its 26th episode, put the crowd in some unacceptable corner.

Akça rejoined with his dad Hasan Bey, hearts are broken! Presenting to Sultan Alparslan’s triumph of Anatolia to the screens, Akli Film’s Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu series marks Monday nights with its activity stuffed episodes.

In the end episode trailer of the series; It was seen that Akça Hatun offed herself and it was asserted that Fahirye Evcen was out of the series after this scene. Nonetheless, in the new episode, it was uncovered that Akça Hatun had beguiled Kekavmenos by teaming up with Alpagut.

Following the series, the 27th episode trailer, which will be screened on Monday, May 30, was delivered. In the trailer; Akça Hatun embraced Hasan Bey, saying, “I’m your girl, Aybike.” The way that Akça and Hasan Bey embraced and cried to one another made their hearts throb.

Alparslan said, “O my Lord! Make this military, which is the worker of Islam, prosperous and triumphant. Make our blades equivalent to zülfikara. Fulfill his ummah, O Lord, with a favored end, O Lord!”

What occur in the end episode?

The arrangement formulated by Diogenes worked, and the alps, who held onto the naphtha-loaded vehicles, carried them to the central command and camp. Yınal, who was harmed because of the blast, passed on the order of the endeavor to Alparslan. With the order of Alparslan, the arrangements for the attack picked up speed. How might Alparslan save the Turkmen and Akça who were brought as prisoners to the palace? Will the naphtha-loaded procession going to Oba likewise detonate as in the base camp?

Kekavmenos, who requested help from Herve against the Seljuks, will go into a troublesome battle with Herve inside and with the Seljuks outside. How might Herve get through the attack and enter the palace? As Kekeavmenos trusts, will the presence of Turkmen ladies and kids and Akça in the palace forestall launch assaults? Kekavmenos played his last card and informed Nizamülmülk that his girl was alive. Nizamülmülk, who went to Vaspurakan alone subsequent to getting this news, will encounter Akça. Will Nizamülmülk learn everything? Father, will the young lady at last social affair?

The primary launch shots were discharged for the triumph, while Alparslan planned to provide the request for the subsequent time, he understood that his sibling and Akça were in Vaspurakan Castle and wavered. Will the victory activity go on despite the fact that Akça and Hasan Bey are in the palace, or will Alparslan figure out how to get them out? Alparslan will experience issues in going with this choice, he will go against different respectable men.

Victory or his loved ones sincerely? Hasan Bey, who was a detainee in Vaspurakan, discovered that he was the little girl of Akça, who was gotten in the wake of being thought dead. This issue, which we comprehended that Alpagut had an arrangement, gave Akça and Hasan Bey time to remain alone and find a departure course. Can they escape the palace, or will they stay inside the palace and battle for the triumph to occur? Feeling the strides of the Seljuks intently, will Vaspurakan acknowledge his destiny, or will he follow another way and strike the Seljuk armed force a surprising blow?

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