EPISODE 95 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode No 95 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 30 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Osman broke the entryway of the palace and entered with his warriors. Nikola shut the inward entryway of the palace and requested the Turks to be halted. Gunduz went after the toxophilite on the palace dividers. Nikola understood that he planned to lose the conflict and started to escape into the palace. Gunduz tumbled from the divider during the conflict.

Cerlutay attempted to help Gunduz. Osman began to follow Nikola. Nikola got away into the passages inside the palace. Malhun and Bala kept on looking for Orhan. Osman entered the passage where Nikola was stowing away and began to battle with him. Abdal said that Gunduz’s bones were broken. Osman crushed Nikola and caught him.

The Turks caught the palace after a long fight. Osman implored Allah in the wake of requesting Nikolas to be taken to the prison. After Malhun saved Orhan from the government operatives, she went to the palace. Osman said that the Christian public would keep on living uninhibitedly in the palace.

Romanos showed up while Kosses was finding out about Islam. Kosses said that the Emperor’s emissary would show up soon, and he arranged to go to the palace with Romanos. Sheik came to the palace after the conflict and started to ask with the Muslims. Osman permitted the minister to enter the palace and said that he would converse with him at night.

Subsequent to conversing with Gunduz, Osman said that he would remain in the palace until he improved. The representative, Kosses, and Romanos went to the congregation to converse with Osman. The emissary said that what Osman did was unsuitable and offered him another nonaggression treaty. Osman said that he wouldn’t give the palaces back to Byzantium and told the envoy his own terms.

Barkin subtly made an impression on the Lord in Bursa, requesting that he stop Osman. Before he passed on, Gunduz called Osman and in the wake of talking with him for a brief time frame, he kicked the bucket. Osman requested Nikolas to come to the square and inquired as to whether he acknowledged the settlement. The envoy said that the Byzantine Emperor wouldn’t acknowledge this arrangement, and afterward Osman executed Nikola.

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