EPISODE 93 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode No 93 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 28 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

While Davut was attempting to finish the conflict arrangements with the warriors, Nikola went after the central command. Nikola consumed every one of the launches and said he would kill Davut. Osman came to the base camp and began pursuing Nikola. Osman got Nikola and said that he would utilize him to get Inegol. Aktemur went to the palace on Osman’s requests and let Arius know that Nikola was caught. Barkin requested that Selvi go to the level with individuals of the clan.

Osman ate with his family that evening and afterward went to address Nikola. Arius killed the officers who came from Bursa to take Holofira and put his own government agents in their place. Barkin went to the clan the following morning and said that Romanos had abducted the Turks who were attempting to arrive at the level. Osman quieted his kin and requested that Turgut take Nikola to the trade place.

After Turgut took the hostages, he delivered Nikola and said that he would kick the bucket soon. Arius started to follow the specialists at Osman’s mine and afterward went after them. Arius understood that the specialists working in the mine were really Osman’s officers and started to escape. Osman got Arius and eliminated the cover from his face. Osman saw that Arius was really Ibrahim Fakih and promptly executed him. Gunduz requested the sling pieces that they had concealed around Inegol for a long time to be brought and started to gather them. Then, at that point, Gunduz went to Inegol with slings.

While feeling that Arius exploded the mine, Nikola discovered that the Turks were coming. Nikola requested his warriors to plan to protect the palace. Osman sent Arius’ head to the palace and brought Nikola. Arius’ covert agents came to the clan to take Holofira. Osman requested that Nikola hand over Inegol and said he would excuse him. Nikola said he could never surrender his palace and would kill the Turks.

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