EPISODE 92 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode No 92 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 27 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Orhan attempted to escape from the prison with Aladdin, however the Byzantine fighters halted them. Malhun let Bala know that the youngsters were abducted. Bala chose to go to the palace with the officers, yet Osman halted them. The Alps carried Kosses to the clan and Abdal started to treat him. In line with Osman, Turgut halted Basileus’ vehicle and saved Holofira. Nikola let the Lords know how Osman would kick the bucket and stood by eagerly. Osman went to the palace with Gunduz.

Justinyanus showed his visitors rooms to rest. Gunduz’s child Aktemur came and said that the youngsters were in the prison of the palace. By the request for Justinyanus, the wedding festivities started. Bala and Malhun went to the palace’s basement to get the swords. Gunduz and Cerkutay attempted to safeguard ladies. Barkin had a gathering with a few Beys and let them know that Osman would before long pass on.

Barkin said that he would safeguard the Turks with his troopers and even assume command over Sogut to quiet the Beys. Barkin then started exploring where the iron from the mine went and before long viewed as Osman’s mysterious army installation. Sheik addressed Kosses and let him know that all will be well soon. One of Osman’s troopers began to battle with the combatant in the palace. Basileus’ chariot at long last shown up at the palace, and Osman provided the request to assault. An extraordinary conflict broke out in the palace between the Turks and the Byzantines.

Malhun saw that the youngsters were not in the prison. Subsequent to gaining the area of the mystery burrow from Aktemur, Osman started to follow the Lord. Justinyanus said he would kill the Shehzades, yet Osman killed him with a bolt. Osman said that Bilecik presently has a place with the Turks and requested banners to be held tight the palace. Osman got back to the clan the following day. Selcan saw Osman and the Shehzades once and for all. Selcan passed on soon after addressing Osman.

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