EPISODE 88 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode No 88 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 23 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

After the blast in the hotel, Osman attempted to comprehend what was going on and requested that nobody leave Sogut. The warriors attempted to safeguard Sheik and afterward took him to the emergency clinic. Cornelia and Selvi began to let everybody know that Gunduz was answerable for this blast.

Hearing this criticism about himself, Gunduz chose to escape the clan and track down the genuine offender. Barkin killed one of the aggressors. While Akca was attempting to enter his tent, another blast happened and it killed him. Barkin indeed met with Fakih and took the toxin from him to kill Sheik.

Selvi discovered that Gunduz had gotten away from the clan and captured him in a cavern. Osman before long got back to the clan and began the court to come to a conclusion about Gunduz. Cornelia added the toxin to the food Selcan prepared and gave it to Edebali.Osman inspected the proof however said that nobody saw Gunduz perpetrate a wrongdoing.

Osman requested Gunduz to be banished from the clan. Kosses and Turgut could have done without this choice by any means. While Gunduz was searching for a motel to go through the evening, Kosses halted him and went after him for his vengeance. Turgut halted Kosses and let him know Osman’s arrangement. Kosses consented to conceal Gunduz in his palace and set off with him.

In the mean time, an Alp came to the clan and said that Gunduz was dead. Cornelia quickly passed this news on to Aryus. Aryus said the time had come to kill Ivaz and went to the backwoods. Barkin made an impression on Ivaz. Ivaz went to the woodland to meet Barkin, yet there he saw Fakih.

Ivaz started to implore with Fakih. Fakih originally killed the imploring Turkish warriors and afterward Ivaz. Osman followed the tracks in the woods and tracked down Ivaz’s dead body. Fakih came to the crime location with a veil all over and said he would kill Osman.

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