MAVERA EPISODE 25 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode 25 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Look Haco.We meet again.I o d you to choose your side the first day you came here.But I see you chose the wrong side.And I told you I would be against the disorder.And now I am standing right against the disorder.Since Abbasi left themselves to the savage Turkmens, who came from the far Asia……it was obvious that their end would be like this.Mustersid wasn’t used to like them back then, was he, Atif?He wasn’t used to like them in my time.But look.Mustersid still couldn’tget rid of his old sickness.He makes all his dirty works done to these savage Turkmens.Tell me.What is the decision of Mustersid?It is true that we came from distant lands, Atif.We came from Maveraunnehir.We went through the edges of Seyhun and Ceyhun rivers and reached the shores of Firat and Dicle.

It is true.Our people are a bit rough.This is also trueWe learned courtesy…..and grace in these lands.But these lands learned freedom by the horseshoes……of the Turks.If some people…..want freedom to be forgotten……know that our horse’s horseshoes will be resonated in these lands!Our answer is obvious.Baghdad will not bow down to the cruel ones….and will not surrender to the oppression!Stop!They will pay for these words……by being crushed under my horse’s horseshoes.My father wants to send me to Basra again, nanny.He said he wanted me to go before the storm.Actually, your father was right, daughter.What business can a fragile girl like you in a city, which is about to go to war.You won’t be beneficial. Allah forbid you can even be harmful.Suppose you are taken as an hostage.

Then, these traitors make the Caliph do anything they want.Oh, dear nanny.I can’t leave Baghdad.Aren’t you convinced, even though you saw it yourself?am no longer that fragile Asife now.How can I leave Hace and my father alone?If the danger surrounded us……then, my fate is also common with the people of Baghdad.I also must be the ones, who will resist that danger.1*11 do whatever I can.1*11 do whichever duty they see fit.So, you say you grew up and you don’t need my advice now, daughter?Not at all, nanny.I always need you.May Allah never leave me without you.I am always thankful for your existence. Don’t you know it?Now, it is the time.It is time for you to kill your enemies one by one, Aytolu.With the danger in my hand……you will shed the blood of your enemies……drop by drop to the earth.The man you see before you, Infidel…is your enemyStab the dagger on his heart.

Kill him.No.He is not my enemy.No.You don’t understand me.No.I understand you very well.You are trying to make me kill an innocent man.I will never do such a thing.You can’t make me do it.No.You really don’t understand me.I don’t want this for myself.You will kill him..for the savior..who comes seventh in line…and disappearsby rising to the skies.At least you kill me.Don’t make mekilled by this Turk!You stab the dagger!Whether she or me…We are both the same person.My wishes…are her wishes nowThis dagger is my gift to you.When the time comes, you will do as I say.This time, I will gift you paradise.

The 7 layered paradise of the savior.When will I go to the paradise Wh en your time comes.Then you will take action, and kill Hace.Like how you killed Infidel.will kill Hace.But until that time comes……you are Aytolu.No one should suspect you.You will act like……how Aytolu was acting before she came here.My brothers.Dubeys and the invaders with him……might come attack here soon.And when that happens, this place won’t be a bazaar…..but a slaughterhouse.Now I have a question for you.Are we going to leave Baghdad to them…or will we resiAre we going to walk with our heads down……or are we going to walk to our deaths with out honor?My answer is obvious.

What I want is for you to be with me too.I want to share this fight with my friends with whom I shared my food.Just as we shared the blessing of these lands, we should share its troubles too.There are two paths, brothers.Either bravery.Or slavery.If 11 ive long enough and become old……my grandchildren wilfl’ ask their old grandfather.”We heard that when Baghdad was falling, you were there too” “What did you do to stand against the oppressors?” When they ask this……I wouldn’t want to lower my head.That’s why, l‘m ready to risk my head today.We are with you Hace. Our answer is the same. We won’t leave you alone.\Ne are on the same path, Hace.We never thought about turning back.We would die for youWe would die for you Hace.We would die on your path, Hace.

We will do as you say.VJe will die for you, Hace.Eyvallah brothers!Ey vallah.Then……wh®n the time comes and we are forced to……fight, we will fight as the free men of Baghdad.And if necessary, we will die as……the free men of Baghdad!Are the women and children ready to be taken to safety when necessary?Everyone is ready.So, are the brave men of Sazlik ready to write down a legend?They are ready too. thank Allah!The ones who saw the crescent, won’t need the star, they say.Sazlik saw the light of that crescent on Hace’s face.

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