MAVERA EPISODE 22 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode 22 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Get better soon, sister.-May it be easy.-Thanks, sister.We can’t keep up with the evil ones.They did what we thought they couldn’t again.Don’t even ask. You are right.Sister, sometimes I wonder……what do they have where we have our hearts.This is not the things you can find out by thinking, Aytolu.Drop it. What we need to do is to struggle.You look tired. Let me do it.Thanks.So, I’ll go and gather some more herb.Get better soon.Ameen.Ameen, InshAllah.Is there something I don’t know, Pehlivan?You look a bit weird…want to thank you for the handkerchief……and for the letter, too, of course.

Leyla.Leyla, I crossed the line.Forgive meI’ve been Pehlivan Hamza all these years.And lived without love. What did I lose? Nothing.What did I lack? Nothing.What are you saying, Hamza?Oh, Leyla. There are many diseases in this world.Sazlik District got sick. All the people are in bad condition.I am sure what I have inside me is also a disease.And what made Hamza done these…is the disease inside meI wonder……if which herb can be a solution for my disease.Maybe if Hace examines me……he could fine a solution from his books.What happens to you? Are you going mad?I hope it is a herb with thorns.Or, a flower with silky leaves.But jnshAllah, it is a thorny weed.I want it to bleed my wound.

I want my blood spilled.So, this fire can be extinguished.Brother.Come, brother, come.Take these two and follow me.Oh, stop, stop.rop by Tarik aster, so, we can take a break. Peace be with you, Tarik Master.Oh, come in, friendsHave a sit. You look out of, Tarik Master. We are in a haste. Our crazy Sahsuvar has been missing*For a while.We don’t know what he is doing. Did you see him?No. I didn’t see him at all.He didn’t come here.Beram, you saw him?No, Master, I didn’t.Allah Allah… Where is he?We looked everywhere.And we came here by leaving the kids alone in Sazlik.

Only Allah knows how they are doing.InshAllah, their medication arrived on time.Whatever, excuse usIf you see this razy Sahsuvar…..let us know. If you can’t find us, let Pehlivan Master know.If you can’t find Pehlivan Master, let my Hace know.And if you can’t find any of us detain the that crazy man……we’ll be back until then.ay? Come on, vallah.Mansur. I also wonder but……Hace must be them.I am sure they are safe.Hace assigned us a duty.We can’t return to the district before we accomplish it.-You understand?-You are right.You a right, MahAkay.We need to find Sahsuvar Akah, before something bad happens.May Allah bless you.May Allah bless you.anks.May Allah bless you.May Allah bless you.

May Allah bless you.May Allah bless you.I really couldn’t understand it.Did he go mad?Hj^^yes were also looking blankly.Can he be really sick?How could the man, who wrote those line yesterday, acts like this now?He calls his love a disease! How can it be?Sister, you know disasters came altogether.Th&^got upset for tha child so much.Sazlik is also in ruin.And the problem is not only this.They also got upset that Atif raided the lodge.The Cali h was taken to the lodge to be healed……but we learned they were about to got into a fight with the guards.Thanks Allah, the Caliph a d stopped them.Now, they think about… Atif learned the c ion of the Caliph.

Because they said no ne knew it.I see no harm in telling you this.I saw your loyalty with my own eyes yesterday.Asife Sultan took the Caliph Hadrath to the lodge by dodging Asif.Sister, where are you going?I have something to do.InshAllah, these herbs will heal the sick ones, Master.InshAllah, InshAllah.After all, where Hace touches….there is healing and wealth.I wish our hands, tongue and heart……benefit yours.Why do you say that, Master?We only convey what Allah bestows.And you are our teacher in the path of being an Alp.Didn’t you teach us everything we know?I can’t say that, Hace. Who am I even?I am just an old Pehlivan.What I taught you can be considered as only some games.The ones, whom they put what you learned into your heart, are the elders.Master, don’t make me ashamed, please.You are our elder.No, Hace. Look.Your calculations are wrong.

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