MAVERA EPISODE 16 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode 16 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Eyvaliah. Eyvaliah.Here he comes!How are youAmeen, ameen. Thank you.Welcome, Hace.-Welcome, Hace.-Eyvallah.May Allah bless you.May Allah bless you all. Eyvallah.May Allah bless you all.•Glad to see you, Hace.-May Allah bless you. Thanks.-Welcome, Hace.-Thanks. May Allah bless you.Glad to see you here, welcome, Hace.My brave heart?Welcome.Welcome again Hace.Eyvallah, Tarik.Eyvallah. Eyvallah.Thank you so much.-Welcome home.-Eyvallah, Sahsuvar.Come here, Necip.-Go in, then.In the name of Allah, the merciful, the beneficent.Almas mother!

Almas motheI have good news!I have good news!It’s really good news! Hace has gotten out of prison!Allah!My Allah, thank you!My prayers are accepted.Allah, who let the lover come together with the beloved.You are so great!Be happy! Be happy but don’t lose so much time!We have a celebration tonight!Come on! Let’s go!Come on! Come on!Son. You go and invite Asife Hanim to our celebration.She also had a great effort in this.Okay, mother.What happened, Aytolu?It’s nothing, sister.

You see how good the people in the tribe are, nanny?Their invitation made me so happy.Yes daughtAlmas Hanim is someoneworld-wise obviously.She leads all the tribe as a woman.And just near Baghdad.envy Almas mother, nanny.You know my father always treated me as a jewel.A jewel with its chest just as precious as it.But when the scorpions attacked that chest I had no idea about what should I do.If I couldn’t get the support of Hace and them, I could have never found out the truth.I would have kept living without knowing what the real world was.Almas mother gave me the courage to use my will, when it was necessary.Oh, that will gave me a really hard time!But it ended well, thank Allah.And from now on, we’ll keep following you by trusting Allah, Asife Hanim.May Allah not separate you from us, nanny.None of them would happen without you.

Give me that. Let me do it. We’ll be late.You didn’t even turn a hair while challenging the great Vizier, Atif……but you are shaking because, you are going to see Hace.Let’s pay a visit to my father, before we go, nanny.The head doctor takes care of him, but I don’t want to worry about him.Okay, daughter.Sir.We had to release Hace.I have already known.Asife tricked you. huhThe innocent daughter of the Caliph……turned out more formidable than you thought, Atif.ou didn’t*guess this, did you Sir.How could you learn the matter……in detail like this?Are you the only man of Al amut in that palace, huh?Did you really think like that?You are a small man, Atif.our calculations are small our horizon is small.Your dreams are smallLook where you are because of your greed.While you had the chance of becoming the owner of Baghdad……you are neck-deep into the scandal for a few dinars.

Sir. This is not only my fault!were betrayed-I don’t get it.-Sir, it was Leyla.Kara Leyla betrayed us.was surrounded by Hace’s men.That’ s was the reason.Really?If you allow me…I think Kara Leyla should be destroyed.So that, the ones, who will dare to betray us……will draw a lesson from her end.He was covering his face.The snake appeared before me.Oh, I wish we could have seen his face.Who knows who is he? Is he a jhin or something else?e said he would show his face one day.When everything is over……he said he would takeour lives by revealing his face.He thinks this is that easy, huh?£h, I am 56 sorry that I was 1’t ther . If I was there……I would grab his head and smash it to the barsMansur Can.What were you doing meanwhile?

He was threatening Hace……and you were just sitting silently there?No, I wasn’t, Mahmut. I was about to do such a thing as you said but…..Hace told me to step back.Don’t he!You went all shaky, right? You hands went all cold!The angels of death…..appeared before you in a disguise of a man covering his face.And you got scared, huh?I didn’t get scared, Mahmut, I didn’t.On the contrary, I was relieved.Although we don’t know our enemy’s face……we know who they are, thank Allah.Mansur Can is right.\Ne kne hat the people we were up against were working for one master.le master of the slaves showed himself.We le rned t at we are fighting against the snakes of Alamut.Well, forget about this now. What happened outside that they released us?Forget about us, Hace.Thai girl Asife, she has such a brave heart.

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