MAVERA EPISODE 12 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode 12 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Due to your services to this city……while I put this khilat on you……as the substitute for the Caliph Hadrath……I place you in the title……that & responsible for the security of the city of Baghdad….this glorious title of Baghdad…now…belongs to Hace Ahmet from Turkistan.Allah always made the hearts he touched.The ones, who left the Sultanate wore coarse wool clothing.The ones, who wore coarse wool, reached the true path, not the ones, who wore robe.I want to find the true path just like them.

The ones, who wore coarse wool pray to Haqq.Because their secrets reach even to Haqq….their cries breaks all hearts.You also want to wear coarse wool.With the help of Allah the arrogance ended.Erens gathered us all among the circle.I said hu! Even the evil turned into goodness.You saw Hace, who was slandered by his words, right?So, this man had great expectations, huh?Did Hace want to enjoy the palace?You saw how he threw the khilat without hesitation.You are right, Efkan. What can we do?He came and left us with many questionings.

And we worried about you, Master.He told its (face had bad intentions……and was lining you for his personal goals.So, sheitan never runs out of tricks.He appears with many different faces and tricks you.Let’s go.Come on.You see it, FarisWhile Atif Efendiis smiling at us……he is offering such opportunities to Hace.He made him the savior of Baghdad now.And he rejected it immediately, my hodja. And among everyone.He even insulted Vizier Atif.At if deserved it!Inshallah, he becomes worse!If he offers that to me…Whatever.Let’s go.Come on.

Look at Hace, just look at Hace.Atif thought he could tricked him into his plan, but……he stood upright among everyone.I tell you now.Hace is someone uniqueTarik Master. Let’s go to our shop without you get us into trouble.Let’ s go and talk this there.Let’s go.Gather everyone.Pehlivan Master.You see Shahsuvar’s crew?-I do.-They are all here.Let’s go and ask him how he came here.saw him. I sawI saw another bummer. He the real one I need to talk to.Mansur!Give me your blessing, Yalg Come here, come.What are you doing here, huh?Especially you, Mansur!

Didn’t Hace give you certain orders?Didn’t he tell you to not leave the tribe?To the tribe! Quickly!Look! You won’t wander around! come on!Okay master, we will go.We will go to the tribe quickly, but……it’s good that we came, right?Oh really? Instead of running to the tribe……you are still talking to me!What is it? What did you achieve by coming here, Mansur?couldn’t understand.While writing our story……who was going to describe how Hace refused being the Head Guard of the City?Accept it, it’s good that we came, right?Of course. You did so well by coming!

You are happy that you are here, right?To the tribe now! Come on!Okay.Allah Allah!He would never disobey me…my son, who is stubborn like a goat, and brave like a lion.Sahsuvar.What happened?What brought you here?You heard that Atif was giving out jobs……so you came here to get one?No, since I saw safe, I don’t want anything else.Nothing is more important.What happened? Are you wounded?It’s not important.Where is Pehlivan MastePehlivan Master…Two fugitive kids that came here……he will scold them and come.And he is going to scold you too.He’s here.

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