MAVERA EPISODE 04 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode 04 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. My Allah.n one of your holy quotes……you addressed us via our Prophet.My place is in the heart of my faithful subject.And now we opened our hands to you with the wounded hearts……of the faithful subjects.Let the small drops of your mercy fall onto our palms, my Allah.You didn’t leave Yunus in the stomach of the fish and Yusuf in the well.

You protected our Prophet by a nest of the poor dove…..and the thin web of a spider.You also protect us from the visible and invisible evil.We opened our hands to you.Our hands are empty.We have nothing but our poor lives and……our hearts devoted to you, which carries the burden of the foreign lands.My Allah, we have no one that we can ask his help……or any Sultan to see. We have only you.Help us for our secret and obvious troubles.Just order us for something to ease our pains.\Ne kneel before you. We bow down before you.

Don’t let us kneel down before anyone else.Let the caravans, which are coming from the lands of Turkistan… your soldiers.As long as they walk, may your name be eternal.As long as these tents are raised……may the order, which will lead in your name, be greater.Ameen.This lodge was all clean, while all of Baghdad was in dirt!This lodge was revived, while everyone was about to fall.Until whenUntil that man called Ahmet and his friends come here……with the regards of our Pir, Yusuf Hemedani!And what happened?Tell me, brothers. What happened?No order or unity survived!No peace in our heart survived!One day thieves arrived……and murderers came in another day!

Didn’t they come with their goats? Those nomads stinks worse than their goats!You tell me, brothers.Did our house see worse days than these, huh?You tell me!-You are right.-He is telling the truth.\Ne don’t want them in this lodge! Do we have to accept them?What can we do, Merwa Efendi? You are experienced in this lodg^.You are the oldest member of this lodge. Tell us!Could we reject any comers to the lodge?I don’t know. Could this be a right approach?

Oh, my dear brothers.Just trust me.We will get rid of this evil group with the permission of Allah!It is a tradition not to reject any comers to our gates, but……it is not wise to accept the ones, who damage that door, too.Everything has a rule and right way.If it is not suitable to reject them for Dervishes like us……there will be the ones, who are suitable to do it, of course!Whatever happens there, you will not step back!It is not a lodge both for you and me.It is a place of duty.And our duty is fulfilling the order of our Vizier!Come on, then.Take care of yourself.

Almas mother. Give your blessing to me.You fed us and became great hosts.May Allah bless you.Not at all, son.You became the ones who revived or souls.May Allah protect you.Eyvallah.We don’t want you to take even one more step in this lodge.Do you hear what you are saying, Mervan?How could you think that you have the right to close the door of Allah?Know your place!I know my place…..and limits well.And do you know what else I know?I know with whom you have relationships.

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