Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin EPISODE 06 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode No.6 of Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin or Mendirman Jaloliddin with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. My Shehzade.Don’t be afraid.Protect Sirin Hanim.The one coming is Subutay.Let’s take his mask down.My Allah.Bestow victory to Uzlagsah.Ameen.May it be blessedLong live my Shehzade!Long live my Shehzade!Long live Kutlu Bike!Ameen to Allah.My Allah.Bless this oath of marriage.Ameen.Allah is the greatest.Allah is the Greatest.My Allah.Thank you. Thank Allah.Remove your mask, Subutay.If Sultan Alaaddin didn’t spare your life……you would be hunted by my sword.Return where you’ve come from and tell your master that……the lands of Harezm is the hearth of lions.

Tell him that you had better fight against the sissy Chinese……and not come here again.This was your lucky day, Uzlagsah.I will go now.But know this……I will come back with a hundred thousand soldiers……under the banners of Genghis Khan!Thank Allah.Subutay.It’s good.Do you want some?Thanks.My Sultan.Thank you.Drink!Drink the your own poison!Drink it!What’s it, Behram Master?Where are you going? The wedding is not over yet.Tonight will be really hard for yo Finally, we will be able to have a peaceful sleep tonight.

All of the assassin dogs are being ridden from the palace.The sherbets are just as you wanted, my Sultan.Celaleddin told me that spice was added to the sherbet.No one could add spice to the sherbet without my knowledge.Master couldn’t get out.The duty is ours now.No one in Harezm palace……will be able to sleep.-May you have prosperity.-Ameen.Let me do it.Come on, take it off.Come on, pull it.A little more.Finally.May your life be as pure as milk……as smooth as butter……and as sweet as honey.May you have brave sons.Amen.May Allah let you be together forever InshAllah.Amen.My Allah.Please let me and my sister come together.Let me see her again.My Allah.I came to free yo from your chains I’m Genghis Khan’s spy.Say it again.I’m Genghis Khan’s spy.Here…That was the secret I kept from you.

The secret youdidn’t want to ask.The secret I was scared to confess.They wanted me to poison you.But I couldn’t do it.I couldn’t have.I told you Celaleddin.I’m a girl whose world is destroyed.They didn’t leave me no choice.They raided our tribe.They killed my mother and father.They captured my brother Cihangir and took him.Your brother?Yes.He’s alive.But Genghis Khan has him.For him to live…..his sister had to pay a price.This price…..was you.I saved you from there.I know.I know.Genghis Kha…knew that your great heart wouldn’t let an innocent girl get killed.He wanted me to go with yo …and become his spy.Or he said he’d kill my brother.Was it all a lie?My brother is the light of my life.And you were just a stranger.He had no one but me.

And you had a country, soldiers and dreams.What could I have done Celaleddin?Should I have left Cihangir to die?Should I have left my brother… the hands of a cruel man not to lie to someone from Harezm?You shouldn’t have lied to me.Yes.You may say that.You’d rather give your brother to the wolves……than to lie to someone.But I……am a poor girl who has no one but her brother.I am a sister… .know.That’s very wrong.I shouldn’t given my heart to……the hunter of lions, the killer of mongols……but a man who watches the starts like a small kid……and……the shehzade who told me angels get cold in the mornings.These are greats sins Celaleddin.And I did all of it.I protected my brother.I lied to a man.And I loved that man I lied to.If I were you……I wouldn’t have let me live another minute.

And I’d cut out this heart that loves you.How could I know theywould take it this far?How could I know they would ask me to kill you7 What did you do?What did you do in my country?What did you do to my family in my palace7 Behram……the cloth seller.He’s an assassin working for Genghis in contact with hI did as he asked.I was the one who put the names of the commanders in Turkan Hatun’s chest.It was you?I left the palace with an excuse.And I let him know.Are you the reason why Otki and Kilic got hurt? -No.No.I didn’t know where hewent to that night.And I didn’t tell them he left.Did you poison Sirin? -No.No.I didn’t want anyone to get hurt.There was almost a war because of you.

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