EPISODE 31 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

This is EPISODE 31 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

The new 31st episode trailer of Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu has been delivered! In the end episode; Sencer and Tapar masked and figured out how to enter to the Shelemzar. What occur in the episode on May tenth?

The circulatory strain level is ascending in Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu, which is expanding its prosperity step by step. Melikşah raged through the end episode, which had a reasonable lead over its opponents in each gathering in the evaluations. As the breaker of the conflict that will unleash destruction lights, has the new 31st episode trailer for Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu been shown up?

In Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu, choices are being made that will redirect occasions. In the ens episode, which is one of the main series undertakings of this season, Turanshah resorts to a wide range of ways of making Melikşah troublesome. While Turanshah, who ignores Melikshah’s requests, will shows his clouded side with his tricky plans?

What occur in the end episode?

At the point when Shelemzar showed up before them for the second time with the Melikshah armed force, he saw that Turanshah and Tekish had acted before him and repressed Shelemzar. Melikshah should leave Shelemzar, which he had recently given to Tapar, to Tekish as the right of blade. How might Tapar respond to this present circumstance? What incautious move will Tapar make assuming he believes that he has been plainly violated? Who will stop him?

Gevher would not kiss Basulu’s hand, which he viewed as an obali, blaming his situation. Zubeyde resented Gevher’s disregard, however she won’t raise the contention that started between them in light of the fact that Terken additionally supported Gevher and Basulu’s easy-going disposition. In any case, what discipline will Zubeyde, her main priest, rebuff Gevher and Terken for their lack of regard of Basulu when they come to the castle?

Then again, Turanshah, who is hanging tight for Nizamülmülk, whom he faults for Kavurd’s demise, and Sencer, who killed his assistant, to be rebuffed, won’t find what he trusts. He will wear the meliklik hilat he has long merited, as well as return to the workplace of Nizamülmülk. Turanshah will be apprehensive when he gets these two reports and will presume that Melikshah’s moves were plainly an endeavor to incite him. To what point will Turanshah arrive at his fight with Melikshah? Or on the other hand will he move to take the high position? What sort of game does Melikshah plan for Tekish, who rebels against him and who is transparently threatening to him, and Turanshah, who doesn’t submit to his judgment?

Melikshah trapped Turanshah and caught him when he endeavored to assume control over the city of privileged positions. Turanshah, who is near the precarious edge of death, will propose to give up Sabbah and Tekish, whom he caught and detained to get away from the fury of Melikshah, to Melikshah in return for his delivery. Melikshah acknowledged Turanshah’s proposition and said, Will he excuse him?

Mitras trapped Melikshah, who he believed was coming to Kuvel, and stood by to be tossed at him en route to Kuvel. How will he respond when he understands that Melikshah is playing a game for everybody? He will likewise discover that Mitras, Hasan Sabbah, Faisal and Tekish were held by Turanshah. He will move to free the heads of the city of Shelemzar from imprisonment, to which Kuvel’s destiny depends, to make Melikshah work, to which he connects extraordinary significance to his insurance. Will he prevail in this activity?

Then again, will Sencer, who will get familiar with the spot where the Sabbahs are kept in lined up with Mitras, have the option to get the Sabbahs? Do you suppose He’ll have the option to retaliate for Iteber and Ayaz from Faisal? Notwithstanding this, Melikshah reintevoced the Shelemzar, which was caught by Batı with 1,000 desises; his extraordinary objective is to vanquish Kuvel Castle; Will he keep on strolling for the heavenly idea that his dad, Sultan Alparslan, brought up?

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