EPISODE 23 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

This is EPISODE 23 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

The new 23rd episode trailer of Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu has been delivered! What occur in the episode on March first?

Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu, which has been added to turkey’s period series lately and has accomplished critical viewership in spite of the brief time frame in broadcast life, is having its spot on screens with its new episode. The creation, which reveals insight into history with its solid cast and content, will again be watched with interest. Has the new 23rd episode trailer of Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu been delivered? Here are the subtleties…

Diriliş Ertuğrul and Payitaht Abdülhamid, as well as numerous verifiable creations, showed up before the crowd on TRT1, arousing: Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu was communicated with its 22nd episode. Watchers of the series are likewise leading numerous cross examinations and examinations to re-watch for the creation they upheld from the very beginning, or to watch assuming they missed it.

What occur in the last episode?

The mystery crown issue that started with Tekish’s landing in the castle; Tapar, whose heart has been igniting with his yearning for the most years in the royal residence, was charmed. Tapar then doled out a fighter to exhum the burial chamber of Basulu. Tapar’s fighter was hindered before he could open Basulu’s grave. This episode was told to Melikshah by Nizamülmülk, Melikshah and Tapar quarreled about this issue, and Melikshah left the military market plant by slapping Tapar. While this was going on, Terken, who might catch wind of Tapar’s attempted to uncover Basulu’s grave and consequently contended with Melikshah; Will he act to figure out this perilous mystery that is even fit for opening up among father and child?

Subsequent to getting news that Melikshah had left the military market, Markus during a strike there. Will Tapar, who was severely harmed in Markus’ assault, kick the bucket? Melikshah, who was extremely brutal in his last discussion with his child and slapped him, will be settled with regret. Will Melikshah, who has a fire of retaliation in his heart, get back at Markus? Then again, Tekiş, who caused many hand episodes because of the supposied seeds he dissipated in the castle, will be ousted from the royal residence by Melikshah. The point of Tekiş, who fabricated his ota close to Isfahan, is to oust Melikshah. What filthy ways will he attempt to accomplish this extreme objective?

Will Izakyos, who needs to turn Melikshah and Tekish against one another and debilitate the Seljuks, have the option to accomplish this objective? Notwithstanding this, Faisal figured out how to cookroom the traders who were leasers from Iliteber in Şelemzar and attempted yet neglected to corner Crane, who was broiled with a new dad’s aggravation in his heart. Faisal, who didn’t surrender, showed His weight in Şelemzar and incited Erbatur to revolt. Sencer rebuffed Erbatur and laid out request in Şelemzar. And Faisal and Sabbah’s new arrangement?

Melikshah, who tricked Markus into a snare by declaring the bogus information that Kilicarslan was headed to Anatolia, killed him and vindicated Tapar. With Markus’ passing, the holy lance was additionally in Seljuk hands. How will Izakyos get this lyn up from Melikshah, which is imperative to Byzantium and is viewed as one of the holys of Christianity?

Then again, Melikshah’s capture of the sacred ndler and the strings of the Crusaders who penetrated his property expanded his standing in the Islamic world. How will Sabbah obliterate Melikshah’s rising respect? What will be the atrocity that will bring Izakyos and Sabbah back together for this reason?

Tekiş, who continuously opened up with Melikshah and came to an uncompromed point with him, will turn to any implies that might bring about deposing Melikshah. Involving the political and social disturbance of the state as a reason, he will approach turkmen refined men, who are the establishing components of the Seljuk State and structure the spine, to join against Melikshah. Will the Turkmen Gentlemen consent to oppose Melikshah and join Tekish’s positions?

In Şelemzar, Western dealers moved to lead individuals all alone superstitite way. Western doctors started to settle quickly in Darşşifa. Sabbah, who believed that the exercises should speed up, had advised Faisal to lay out a Western Madrasa in Şelemzar. In Şelemzar, as the Westerners turned out to be progressively more grounded; Gazali, who was among individuals, comprehended that the taboo Westerners started to duplicate in Şelemzar. How will Ghazali forestall western association? Sabbah saw Ghazali in Şelemzar; What sort of move will he make against this Islamic world that causes the best harm to their goal?

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