Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 73 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 73 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. If he hears that I have done this, Artuk Bey would kill me, Hanim.As long as I am here, no one can touch you.Korkut Bey gets joyful nights thanks to you, is that wrong?Artuk Bey.God bless.You trained Belkis Hatun well.She became as skillful as you at her job.If God permits, her heart will be as pure as her hands, Aytolun Hatun.I wish that I knew you were coming.We would provide remedy to your worries.Thank God. I have no illness.I was passing by.I wanted to ask for womanly advice from Belkis Hatun.I hope that you have found your cure then.I hope everything is alright.Kayis are coming!Kaya? What is happening?Kayis, Bey.They are coming to our nomad group.-What is wrong, Aytolun Hatun?-Everything, Artuk Bey.Tell them to start the preparations in the healing tent.I smell trouble in the air.Hurry up and help the wounded. Hurry.Hayme Hatun!

My God!-Brother.-Sister, what happened to you?We were raided. Mongols.-We are in pieces, brother.-Damn. Kaya!-Yes, Bey.-Inform Tugtekin Bey.As you wish, Bey.-Wild Demir.-Artuk Bey.Artuk Bey. Save my daughter. Cure her.Hurry!In God’s name. Go.Slowly.-Ertugrul, Gundogdu, where are they?-Ertugrul and Halime.While we wereresting they went to the woods……and Gundogdu was gathering the caravan.We did not understand what happened.We were ruined.I do not know who is dead and who is alive.Alright. Come. Let us go to the marquee.-They will take care of them.-Sister Hayme, come.

Come, get in the marquee.We shall regroup and act accordingly.Gundogdu brother.-How are you, brother?-Get well soon, brother.Thank you.We can learn where they are from this dog.You shall rest at the marquee.I will take care of him.Come on, let’s go.I will break your fingers one by one until you tell me where Noyan is.Then, I’ll break your feet and won’t stop you until fall to the ground.Kocabash, inform me when he comes to.As you command, Bey.You will heal in a couple of days, Halime Hatun.Thank you, Aytolun Hanim.He blacked out, I mean the snake.We should make him talk before taking the road, father.It is obvious from his eyes that he knows something.What is the latest situation, Gundogdu?We have a lot of martyrs, uncle. A lot.The Ignoble! We can’t find peace until we find and kill that heretic Noyan.We must make him pay for what he has done.Did your attacker have a shaved head and braided hair?

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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