Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 70 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 70 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. They are on the peak of their power with Sultan Aladdin.When we make the Turks and the grandsons of Saladin Ayyubi fall out on……each other we will reach our goal.Jerusalem will be ours.Father, please be strong.We have to go immediately.You can go.We can look after ourselves.It will get dark soon.The jackals would have already smelled the blood.- We should go.- Dogan, bring the horses.It is easy to fend off a crusader brigade.What about this?Ertugrul is lost now.- God always helps those who get lost.- He is lost real bad now.Come on.- What can you do alone as a woman?- I said we won’t go.We owe you a life.We will pay our debt one day.Tell us your name.Ertugrul from Kayi tribe.As you wish.May God be with you. I wish you good luck.We should go with them.Is your tribe far?Even our money for bad days is finished, Brother Afsin.We can set shop here.

 If we see that they are not interested, we can go on.- Peace be upon you.- And peace be upon you. Welcome.Welcome, Gazanfar Aga.You bring joy to Kayi tribe.Kurdoglu, my brother. You always look very healthy, thanks to God.Would these moorlands keep a man healthy, for us to be healthy, Gazanfer?No, don’t say that. You look very well.Where is your caravan?The caravan is near the black rock.I came to get permission from Suleyman Shah to set up a stall in the market.How is business?We thank God on what he gives.I wanted to come to Kayi to supply whatever they need before the journey.Thank you, Gazanfer. I hope you meet your expectations, if God permits.Thank you.If Suleyman Shah is available, I would like to meet him.Tell our Bey that Gazanfer Aga is here.- How much is this?- He is a mute, sir. Let me help you.80 coins.You look familiar to me.This is my first time in your tribe, sir.You probably took me for someone else.Peace be upon you, Suleyman Shah.And peace be upon you, trader. Welcome.

You bring joy to us. Come and sit.Suleyman Bey, my eyes are so happy that they had the chance to see you again.Please accept my presents. I brought them from Constantinople for you.You did not have to bother.- Kurdoglu, give these to those in need.- As you wish, Bey.Well?Tell us now. What did those eyes see in other parts of the world?I wish I was deaf and not hear it.I wish I was blind and not see it, Bey.What happened?Sultan Aladdin controlled Konya but……he worries that the fugitive Shahzades may give him trouble.The Latins ransacked Constantinople.All Orthodox people left the city.There is no order, no peace……and with the famine now, everyone is desperate.We heard that the leftovers from the crusaders were getting restless.It is obvious that they are up to something once again.Well……how are the common people?They will be on the road again to find something to eat.The rumor is that the Pope is calling for a new crusade to the European princes.

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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