Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 57 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 57 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. You are right mother, it has been on my mind for a long time too.Well……who are we going to wed her with?If you give consent as well, Ertugrul and Gokce should grow old together.Please, Mother Hayme, who am I to have a say in something like this?Don’t say that.You raised her since she was very little.I wanted to ask you first.You can inquire and see her reaction.I will go immediately, Mother Hayme.I am going right now.The pigeon wing’s final destination is the wolf’s mouth.Suleyman Shah’s son, Ertugrul.Attack!We expected a big welcome with drums and all.-This is strange.-Everyone must have finished their job.The caravan must be on its way as well.Everyone is probably resting.You carry on. I will visit my father.Stop!

Maybe this way, she can control her sister’s endless ambitions.You would not talk like this if Gokce did not want to wed.Well? What about Ertugrul?Does he love her too?If God permits, we will see about that.Sister, you made a fool out of me! A fool!What are you saying, Gokce?Because of you, I told Halime that I have been waiting for Ertugrul.What more do you want?You were too late to act anyway.Sister, I guess you didn’t understand.I said everyone heard me. Aykiz as well.Now everyone will tease me. They will say that I’m building castles in the air!-This is your fault.-Gokce!Look at me. Do not care even if the whole world hears it.You will win over Ertugrul just like I did with Gundogdu.And you will fight with nails, teeth and all.With your sweet talk and your beauty, you will win over that son of a bastard.You will crush anyone on your path.Just like I became Gundogdu’s wife, you will become Ertugrul’s wife.

We have not settled the score with Suleyman Shah yet.Each day the killer of our father sits in the tent, is a shame on us……a wound in our heart.I don’t have any blood left in my veins.Do you understand? Sitting in the tent is our well deserved right and……we will get our right.What is it you want?Did you swallow your tongue, talk!A man’s word is said directly to a man’s face, my Bey.Alright.I am all ears. Talk now.I came as an ambassador of Suleyman Shah of Kayi tribe.I am his son, my name is Ertugrul.Well?What do you want, son of a Bey?I came to claim land from you.You want land?What will you give us in exchange?Apart from the goats that will damage our crops and the stench over our city?Did the city make you forget your roots, my Bey?How did you know that I was Turkmen as well?

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