Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 51 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 51 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. No one knows what they can do if others hear of it.God forbid. I would never want anything to happen to our Shahzadas or to Gundogdu.What Kara Toygar has set his mind on is obvious.In exchange for Gundogdu……he will request our Shahzadas.Don’t leave your tent.I will do whatever is needed.With your permission.We have grown tired of running for years.I ran away from those who……threatened my state with me.From the Templars, the Mongols. I ran away from all those who want an uprising.I ran away from those who pursue me for the survival of my state.And I ran away from my state so that my dearest son Yigit would not be harmed.My Bey……it has been years since I have given up on my own life.So this is the end, it is time to put an end to all this.Kara Toygar wants an exchange, father.But even if we give him what he wants……he would kill you.His fury for you will not ease when he gets hold of the Shahzadas.He will kill you and my brother as well.You are right, my son.First……we have to find a way to save Gundogdu from him.Not only my brother.I would not hand you over to him, father.If I attack with my Alps, he would kill Gundogdu immediately.

Besides our tribe will never recover after shedding so much blood.We would fall apart.First you have to convince him to free my brother, father.Then convince him to come out of his fort.If he wants an exchange, we set the rules.-Why would he free Gundogdu?-He has to, father.Why did the Templars try to kill me in Aleppo?Why did they send a leper woman to poison the tribe?Why were the Templars taking the Shahzadas to Kara Toygar?They wanted Kara Toygar to be appointed to an important post in the palace.They wanted him to serve them.Kara Toygar is after the Shahzadas, father.He would do anything to get them……we just need to know how to ask for it.What if something goes wrong?Then we all die, father.But at least it will be an honorable death with a sword in our hands.

We would not have been aware of it.Halime’s family……were going to run away?Did Afsin kill all those dogs by himself?Look at the helper of a trader.Halime……Ertugrul Bey asked for you the minute he came.You should have seen how fast he went after you.Turgut and I are going to meet in a while.My heart always skips a beat when he is away.Thank God, they returned safe and sound.And with good news as well.Patience is a virtue, Aykiz.Our wedding will be soon.Look at me, I’m shivering with excitement.Did Ertugrul Bey buy this?It is so nice.So he was thinking about you even over there.So what if he thinks, Aykiz?Why do you talk like this, dear Halime?It is obvious that you are not in the mood.Did something happen and hurt you?I had to run away for my whole life so that we don’t get hurt.This is the first time I am hurting because I have to leave.

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