Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 50 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 50 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. Suleyman Shah wanted to see him.I knew it would end up like this.I knew we would have to go through this.If anything happens to Gundogdu……I will kill that girl and her family.-Stop right there, girl, stop!Wife of a Bey needs to be resilient.Pull yourself together!Here I am, my Bey. You called for me.Come this way.A messenger arrived this morning.He told us that our caravan was ambushed and our Alps were killed.Kara Toygar, who did this, has my son Gundogdu as a prisoner.My Bey……how could one endure such misfortune.May God give you patience.I didn’t invite you here to share your blessings or your grief. By being invited here……you must have understood what it is they are asking in exchange to my captive son.Now, I am going to ask you one question.And I request a single answer from you.Who are you?It’s my husband’s life against the lives of these suspicious people!

They killed so many Alps, they took Gundogdu prisoner!Yet I tell you, there is something they hide from us.But I will find out what it is and make them pay for it!Mountains handle the land and Beys handle the customs, my girl.What you speak of is Bey’s business.Because of their curse, is there a man left in the tribe, mother?Go after her,don’t let her make the matters worse.My Bey, it is my duty to answer your question but……but you have to believe me……when I say I care for your safety just as much as I care……for the safety of my family and myself.My Bey, if I tell you who we are, believe me we will face bigger disasters……then the ones we are facing now.However……I owe you a life.I am ready to sacrifice anything for you.This includes my life and my children’s as well.I told you to give a single answer.Only one!I am……from the Great Seljuk Dynasty……Muzaffaraddin Dawud.Muhiddin Masud Shah’s son.I am the grandson of Sultan Izzaddin Kilij Arslan.I am a Seljuk Shahzada.Halime!

Hear me well!You will be sorry for the day you came here.You will pay double the trouble you caused for this tribe.Do you understand me?If I need to……I will end your lives myself, without a blink of the eye!Not so quick, Hatun.Why are you attacking for like a raving mad dog?Because of you, our caravan was raided, our Alps were killed……that filth called Kara Toygar holds my husband hostage!If any harm comes to him, if I get hurt……then you will see what rave is!Sister. That is enough.Let us go.We will not go, Gokce. They will.Dead or alive.-They will go!-Selcan!Behave yourself!Take her out.Whatever you heard from my daughter-in-law, don’t mention it to anyone else.Stay in your tent, as none of us know what will come after this.Do I have permission, sister Halime?I heard it all.This is not good at all.What will we do, Afsin Bey?Their bride threatened of killing us if anything happened to her husband.We will find a solution.It seems that Suleyman Shah will not announce the dead Alps.

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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