Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 48 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 48 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. Where are the bodies of our sons?-Where is Suleyman Shah?-My son has died, not yours, Mother Hayme.Everyone in this tribe is my child, my heart!Tribe survives, when there is unity.If the unity is disrupted, you are fated to be defeated by the enemy.Suleyman Shah Bey ever put his own live before yours?Has he ever put his own sons before yours, has he ever chose a path other than……the goodness of the tribe?Whatever he does, he does for the welfare, for the future of the tribe.Breaking the unity of the tribe in his absence, to cry out mutiny……is this what you see befitting for yourselves?If you try to crush the customs……you will be crushed one day.From now on, anyone stoning them……would be stoning me!Anyone who faces them, would be facing me!Let this be known!Come, my girl!KARA TOYGARCARAVANSARYThey are playing with you.How did they learn our relationship, Titus?Ertugrul.It was a matter of time for him to connect the dots.God damn it! I need to kill them all.What will happen to the letter Shahzada wrote to the Sultan?

My fellows in the palace will prevent the Sultan from receiving the letter.I hope so.They will see who the prey and who the hunter is?God forbid, I was so afraid that something would happen to you.If something happened to you, what could I have said to Suleyman Shah?Stay here until they return.We would accompany each other while waiting for our beloved ones’ return.With prayer, with faith, with patience.This tribe has survived so many hardships.All the pain is still here……in my heart.God knows that I have never felt so desperate in my life.My two sons……my man…In my short life, I have seen so much trouble.The ones who wanted to kill my father and brother……states that wanted to use them since they are Shahzadas……nights we spent in dungeons.Every single breath for each day was with the fear of losing my loved ones.Ertugrul Bey woke us up from that nightmare……he put us in a beautiful dream.Mother Hayme……I found the peace I yearned for my whole life in your tribe.You have what you wanted.Now it is my turn, Suleyman Shah.

We do not know who they are.They say that they are traders.Your father does not object……but he knows that they are not traders.They are guests sent by God, he says.He does not dwell on what it may lead to.If the promise to the forefathers is the well being of the tribe……this means Gokce for you, no one else.Mother, God took me to her with a gazelle.How can I betray those beautiful eyes?Those sweet words?If I take heart one day to ask if her heart is set on me……and she answers “my path is bound with yours”……how can I tell her to leave, mother?Are you asleep?I would give anything to close my eyes for a moment.I talked with Ertugrul.The girl’s father is better. They would leave before the tribe migrates.My Bey……I offered Gokce as a name to you.

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