Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 47 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 47 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. Now I am listening to you, Selcan Hatun.Suleyman Shah and Ertugrul……will ambushKara Toygar at the Falcon Hill.-What are you saying, Selcan Hatun?-I heard it with my own ears.Suleyman Shah decided to be loyal to his customs rather than his son!Do not tell this to anyone, Selcan Hatun.And you did not talk with me……we did not see each other.Alright, Selcan Hatun?What will happen to Gundogdu?We will find a solution.Go on, get out before anyone sees you.Will we let them go, my Bey?We will, so that Kara Toygar’s hunt can be more fruitful, Alpargu.I cleansed the tribe from all filth without drawing a sword……or getting blood on my hands.Come on, get on your horse.I have things to tell to Kara Toygar.I swear on the horses that run endlessly…I swear on the horseshoes that sparkle…If I am scared to die for our tribe, for our Bey, for our customs……may I be slayed by my own steel sword, like a crop in the field.May the blue sky tear, may the brave ground sink……may my name be erased from all monuments.May my forefather Oguz, my blessed tribe sue me in the next life!

In this path I have taken, may God be by my side……may Godsend Hidr accompany me.Come on, Titus. Relax a bit.Today is our day.We will both get what we want.You were this comfortable when Ertugrul was going to Aleppo as well.You were this relaxed.Then we know what happened.Your soldiers’ incompetence.Sir, Suleyman Shah.Let us not make our visitors wait.Let them in.He came alone, sir.Bring him here immediately.Now you will have to take a pot luck, Kara Toygar?You, what are you up to, Suleyman Shah?Where are they?You will get what you want after you release my son.Do you have a death wish?Are my and my son’s lives more valuable than your Shahzadas?You will free Gundogdu, Kara Toygar!Are you threatening me?If something happens to Gundogdu……Ertugrul will take them outside Seljuk territory.You will never find them again.Neither you, nor the Templars you serve.If you free my son……I will take them to you.Where are they?

I have left them with Ertugrul to prevent their escape.If something happens to us……Sultan Aladdin will be informed of everything.Shahzada has told everything to Sultan Aladdin in a letter he wrote.He wrote how he was held in the hands of the Templars for months……how he was tortured and forced to be the Sultan……how he didn’t betray his state despite those tortures……that you were colluding with the Templars……in short, everything.The decision is yours.Father?My son.What happened?-Did you give the prisoners to Kara Toygar?-No.-Father?-Kara Toygar freed you.Go to the tribe.-Father, that man would not let you live.-Do as I tell you, Gundogdu.Go now.Father.-Be quick.-Go on.I said go!What happened, Akcakoca?Is there someone inside?What is happening here?What is this outrage?Get out of the way, Akcakoca.We want to see who is inside.-What is it to you?-I said get out of the way!The things we heard are true!Stop! Stop! Stop!What do you think you are doing?Our sons have died, Mother Hayme.All because of them!They ambushed the caravan but you didn’t tell us!So you violate our customs and our Bey.-Shame on you all!-That is enough, Mother Hayme.You are saying customs but how many more lives shall be sacrificed?

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