Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 44 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 44 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. You all wait for your fathers……and I pray for Ertugrul Bey.You are correct.I know the sorrow your sister is going through.But tell her not to worry……we shall leave the tribe soon.If God permits, they will all return safe and sound.We can only pray for them.You bloodless dogs. Lowlifes!I will kill you all! Kill you all.You will pay for all of these!I will destroy you all!No one in this world will remember neither your tribe nor the name Kayi.I will kill you all!You shall leave immediately.You will catch that dog called Gundogdu……before he reaches his tribe……and you’ll bring him to Falcon Hill.-Falcon Hill?-Falcon Hill, yes.Those Kayi goat herders are setting us a trap there.Did you hear, Sari?They think they can finish Kara Toygar off.My Bey, if you like we can go beforehand to take precautions.Yes, Sari Boru……place your most trusted archers among the rocks of Falcon Hill.When I give the signal……I want to turn that place into hell for Kayis.As you wish!Sari Boru.We checked the warehouse where the goods are, they are all there, my Bey.Are you alright, father?

Yes, I am.My Bey, you are tired……I arranged a room for you to stay here and rest for the night.We can go there if you wish.Thank you, commander.Ertugrul you stay here.I will go with Gundogdu.Ertugrul Bey……there are matters we need to discuss.As if what she caused were not enough……she is now hiding behind mother Hayme.Wolf in a sheep’s hide.But I swear I will make you pay for this, Halime.Sister.Gokce, where the hell are you?Which corner did you hide in?Sister.Some degenerate is hiding behind mother Hayme…and my sister is hiding in a hole alone!Sister! You are mistaken!I am not hiding anywhere.I am coming from the tent, I was with them.Look at my sister.I approached them with an excuse of bringing food.I said what I had to say and I heard what I wanted to hear.What did you hear?Kurdoglu took the Bey symbols and carried them to his tent.It is obvious that they lost hope of Suleyman Shah’s return.-Did he take the Bey symbols to his tent?-Yes.Kurdoglu.What is your intention?

You wait here.Sister!Stop, Gundogdu.Today, I saw how you looked at Ertugrul.You are his brother.A brother should not look at his brother with hatred.Moreover, he risked his life to save you.Father, what are you saying?He risked his life, is that so?I do not know whether he risked his life for us or for his valuable guests.I know one thing.It’s Ertugrul’s fault that we are in this.You have hate in your eyes after the ambush on the caravan.You look for a scapegoat to blame.Are you comfortable, Kurdoglu?Are you satisfied with sitting on Suleyman Shah’s throne instead of saving Gundogdu?I do not reply as I know you worry about your husband’s life……but know your place, Selcan Hatun.I know my place, that is why I am questioning you!Why don’t you do anything to save Gundogdu?Do you see what is going on in this tribe?Do you hear them?We have had all kinds of trouble.Our tribe would have fallen apart if I had not stepped in.Who was to blame for those many troubles?

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