Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 43 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 43 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. The problem is not in the tongue but in the heart.If your heart is right……both your words and your heart will find their way.But your problem is obvious, son.There is only one problem that scares a brave……and that is love.If you open your heart to the one you love……you would grow like an sycamore tree.If you do not……a worm would start eating you alive from inside.Even if you are a great sycamore tree, you would fall down.How can I do it?She can never abandon her father or brother and I cannot abandon my home.Tribe is a tribe with loved ones.Home is a home with loved ones.You are Ertugrul with your love……if you do not have love, any place you call home……any sword you swing to the infidels would not satisfy you.Come on,break that chain on your tongue……so that your heart can have some peace.-The corpses of our Alps are coming.What advantage will you gain over this?We don’t want you to settle on our borders and be trouble for us.

That is all.According to Kara Toygar, you are an intelligent man.If he is right,all three of us want the same thing.Both Kayis’ and your rescue depends on Kara Toygar’s being commander of the army He is the only person that would make you Bey and let your tribe migrate……to anywhere you like.You are in a big trouble Kurdoglu.You are responsible for the death of those Alps you will bury soon.You cannot clean your hands without becoming the Bey of the tribe.It’s not possible to get Kara Toygar out of the tribe but……if you are as strong as you claim to be……you can save him.Why did we need to meet secretly, Alpargu?Ertugrul……found out that you provoked the public.-How?-He probably made your dogs talk.You lowlife! I warned you all!I told you that we cannot get away with it! You did not hear me!It was you and Kurdoglu that made everything come to this point.What will I do now?Get on your horse and run away.Don’t ever look back.Where will I go? Where?I have children.How can I leave them behind and go?You shall return when we set everything straight.

This is not a dirt on the hand that can be washed away in a few seconds.So many Alps died, all the goods in the caravan are gone.-You think Suleyman Shah would let it go?-Control yourself, Baybora!How can I go without them?How can my children live in the tribe with this shame?You lowlife!Do not worry……I will look after your family.For the men who died…God is the Greatest.God is the Greatest.God is the Greatest.Peace be upon you and God’s blessings.Peace be upon you and God’s blessings.Our brothers ask for your blessing one last time.-Do you bless them?-We bless them!-Do you bless them?-We bless them!-Do you bless them?-We bless them!If God permits,they will forgive us as well.For our Prophet Muhammad’s intercession……for our brothers’ soul……for our tribe’s unity and abundance…For God’s mercy……recite Al Fatiha prayer.

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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